October Weekending.

Good morning, friends and happy Monday! Before I dive into the weekend, I wanted to share a special Hello in the language of the Cherokees, who originally occupied the part of Georgia where I live.

“Osiyo means more than just hello to Cherokees. It’s a deeper spirit of welcoming and hospitality that has been a hallmark of the Cherokee people for centuries.”

What a beautiful greeting and a perfect introduction for our weekend.

Friday was full-on sunshine, and full-on smiles … we picked up Charlie late morning and enjoyed a whirlwind 24-hour visit with him. I think this was his first official sleepover (not prompted by his folks being out of town and not accompanied by his brother) and we felt special to share it with him.

We started out with a trip to Home Depot for mums and pumpkins, then a quick stop at Costco for a hotdog. In all the years we’ve shopped there, we’ve never had lunch … clearly we’ve been missing out!

oh yeah, he ate the whole thing!

Next up, we re-planted the pots on our front steps (well, they re-planted and I took photos)

Then it was time for a golf lesson. I took advantage of the 90 minute break to finish up my blog post and catch my breath 😉

When they got back, Charlie was ready for more! We sewed a pillowcase (huge thank you to Vicki for sharing the idea and the tuturial!)

space, baseball and books = three of his favorite things

Then dinner and a quick FaceTime with his mom and brother.

After a shower, it was movie time

and a chance for me to practice my Boomerang skills (it’s way harder than it looks!)

We read a couple of pages of Harry Potter and it was lights out. … and a good night’s sleep for everyone! Which was good, because Legos started before 6am

and finished just a few hours later

Just in time for a quick trip to the Farmers Market for breakfast … and one last photo (this boy does LOVE to eat!)

From there, we drove him to a birthday party where he met his mom … and we drove home … whew! two tired and happy grandparents.

I have only two photos to sum up the rest of our weekend. Saturday Night Snacks are back!

Yesterday afternoon I finally finished watching the latest Espace Tricot podcast … and finished the first sleeve on Blaer.

I fell asleep on the sofa about 8 o’clock last night … thankfully, that was just what I needed to feel rested and ready to tackle the week.

Let’s make it a good one!

13 thoughts on “October Weekending.

  1. What a full of fun weekend! (I am in awe of the energy that 4 year olds have, how did I not remember that from my parenting days????) Ooo! Your Saturday night snacks look so delicious and what a perfect (and easy!!) addition!

  2. I can not believe how grown-up Charlie looks! I know this happens to little boys but it’s still a surprise. I always see people eating at Costco and have wondered about it, but with your recommendation, I may need to try it someday. That is a great pillowcase and it seems to ensure a good sleep to be ready for early morning Legos!

  3. Those Grandkids are so fun but exhausting, though I am always willing to deal with the exhaustion when they return home. Love being a Meme to my sweetie pies, it truly is a great part of ‘aging!’
    Those hot dogs at Cosco aren’t bad, we eat lunch there on our months trip to empty our bank account;-\
    Hope your week turns into something special!

  4. What a full and fun weekend Mary! We saw our (just turned) 5 year old great nephew this weekend – whew! The energy kids have is just amazing. I got tired just watching Ben – lol. Love the pillowcase!!

  5. It looks like you showed Charlie a really great time – I predict he’ll want more sleepovers in the future! They do have a lot of energy, though!

  6. My friends love sleepovers with their g-children and have made them big events for years (and generations), but I only have the recent sleepover with my grandniece and nephew. We had a good time together, but was exhausting. How fun for you to have more sleepovers in your future, with both g-kids!

  7. It looks like you had a fun & busy weekend and I bet you wish you had half of Charlie’s energy! Your Sat. night snacks look delish!

  8. What a wonderful weekend with your grandson. They do have so much energy. Next week we are off to see out daughter and son-in-law and their four. I am resting up and taking vitamins before we travel! I agree let’s make this a good week.

  9. What an action-packed weekend, Mary! So much fun! And Charlie is getting so grown up. (I know . . . that’s what kids do . . . ) I love the pillowcase! What a perfect souvenir of a great weekend. XO

  10. Oh Mary!! What a perfect 24 hours with Charlie (what a goofball he’s becoming)! He looks so happy with his pillowcase — and it turned out great (isn’t it just magical to make?).

  11. Why do kids keep growing faster and faster? Looks like you all had a fun time together and I love your snacky food tray.

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