Looking Back | July & August.

I guessed way back on July 9 when I shared my June collage that July was going to tell a much different story. Of course I had no idea then that it would be September before I got to tell that story, along with August. 

Apparently, July was ALL about knitting Whippet and August was about a whole lot of things other than knitting 🙂 exploring new places, sunshine and #blueskyblooms (in two countries) and so many smiles on familiar faces (including one little dog). I smiled when I compiled the August collage and saw the August 4 photo – a travel project – another 3-color cashmere cowl – mainly using leftovers from the Stole 2.0 featured on August 5 (that piece is great for traveling!).

I shared the #1SE videos on Instagram this afternoon (I think you’ll have to click through to see them – and you’ll have to click through August to see July). Even in one second bits, two months adds up!


I’m not going to make any guesses about the story that September might tell … but I’ll share my hopes for that on Friday. Meanwhile, I’ll be back tomorrow with a quick update on the knitting and reading.

Did you have a favorite story from the summer? do tell!!

10 thoughts on “Looking Back | July & August.

  1. July and August balanced themselves out. Knitting on a sweater in July and other things and a fabulous trip in August. Interesting – Perhaps I should look back through a month and reflect. On to all things September.

  2. So much color and so many smiles in these two months! When you look at them this way, it’s really amazing to get a sense of how much you did in a relatively short amount of time. Might your hope for September be rest and recovery from your overseas adventures?

  3. Your summer was so full! And full of so many good things! I truly love these looks back and I want to thank you for inspiring me to do the same. XO

  4. Much of summer in one post! Details day-to-day are interesting, but it’s a whole different perspective when shared two months at a time. My grandmother used to say that days drag but months and years fly and they surely do!

  5. Summer always just seems to fly! I had a summer FULL of stories this year — and all of them good. Looking forward to what fall will bring. XO

  6. What a summer you have had! The videos are fun – I always look forward to yours. I love seeing what is new, but I love how you always include snacks (yay!!), wind chimes and Holly! So many smiles and loads of color. FUN!

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