TGIF | Happy Birthday!

Today my mom is celebrating her 81st birthday – so today’s TGIF is all about her!

January 1940 – Banning, CA

Traveler. Those two photos are clearly a woman on the move! and my mom’s been on the move since practically the day she was born. She was born in southern California (the San Fernando Valley when it was farmland), moved up to northern California, and then moved another countless times to cover 11 more states before landing here in Georgia in 2017. Four of those states (and six moves?) were when I was growing up. And my my mom still loves to travel. I must admit, I’m not a traveler at heart, but I do love traveling with her – she has a sense of adventure that I’m amazed 80+ years hasn’t dampened.

Generosity. If you’ve been reading my blog for these past few months, you know that my mom is the one who pushed me to volunteer my time and talent for our local Senior Services. My mom and dad were blessed with time, talent and treasure and their example of generosity is one to which I aspire.

(fierce) Independence. This one is hard to sum up in a photo, and maybe my mom would think the one I chose showed something different. But the lesson she passed along to me is that it is OK to be something other than what everyone expects. It might even be better to go your own way. My mom  graduated high school when she was 16 years old, went to college (all paid for by her), got a job in Texas … and moved there BY HERSELF (from California) when she was only 22. She met my dad at a Labor Day picnic (just after her 23rd birthday) and yes they got married and lived happily ever after. but my mom retained that fierce independent streak. She still has it. I have NO IDEA where it came from. but I love that she’s passed a little of it along to me. so I could pass it along to my girls.

Fun. Family. I couldn’t decide which. and now that she lives close by and my brother and sister do too, it doesn’t matter. Six of us met up for a birthday lunch today and we had fun. with family. 

and honestly, what else matters.

Happy Birthday, Mother!

and cheers! to all!

11 thoughts on “TGIF | Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday to your mom!! T’s a lovely, lovely tribute and the family photo at the end is perfect.


  2. Thank you for a tearful birthday blog. I laughed about the desert potty photos because at that age I don’t remember it. I’ve been blessed with an adventurous spirit, a late husband who still “visits “ me, three wonderful children , five grandchildren and two great grandsons. Who could ask for anything more? Except NO snow!!
    Thank you Mary. Love you, Mother

  3. Happy birthday to your mom! She seems like quite a formidable lady, one who was definitely ahead of her time! You and your girls are lucky to have her as a role model.

  4. I am sending Birthday greetings to your Mom! I hope she can manage to stretch her celebration on into the week!

    And, what fun photos! (especially the ones of all of you at lunch!)

  5. I hope your mother had a very happy birthday, and enjoys a wonderful year ahead, with plenty of love, health, travel, and continued independence!

  6. How wonderful! Happy Birthday to your fiercely independent, generous, fun- and family-loving traveler… aka Mother. ❤

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