A Love Letter to Bristol.

Hello friends and happy Friday! It’s hard to believe it’s been ten days since I arrived back in Atlanta. Thankfully my body has adjusted (that five hour time change was a doozie for at least a week) … but looking back over all the photos and video from my trip, I can tell there are definitely still parts of my heart and my mind that might stay in Bristol for a while (or at least the “three to five years” that Sara will be living there). I toyed with the idea of making this post fit my typical Friday TGIF … Continue reading A Love Letter to Bristol.

Three on Thursday | Book Bingo!

Yesterday afternoon I finished Dani Shapiro’s delightful collection of essays on writing … and covered my Bingo card. I then spent the next two plus hours updating everything I’d read since early July on Goodreads (you can see all the details on my 2019 Summer Book Bingo shelf here) and that used up the time I’d allotted for a blog post. It was probably just as good I didn’t get to share this update yesterday, because I’ve had time to compile a few statistics: 25 books 11 paperback/hardback, 7 Kindle, 7 audio 18 borrowed, 5 bought, 2 owned already 12 … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Book Bingo!

Hope | August 2019.

I thought it would be nice to open this month’s update on Hope with a glimpse of the sunrise over the lake. Sadly, the slight drizzle that greeted me when I left the house didn’t register on my weather app. It’s hard to see a sunrise when there’s no sun. Thankfully, though, eight months into this Hope journey, I’m not seeing anything hopeless about it. While I was in England, I read Richard Rohr’s, Everything Belongs. Subtitled “The Gifts of Contemplative Prayer”, this was another meaningful step in my exploration of Rohr’s work and perfect “morning work” while I awaited … Continue reading Hope | August 2019.

Late August Weekending.

When Sara and I FaceTimed yesterday, she told me how nice it was to have a quiet weekend; this was her first weekend since mid-May that wasn’t full of travel, work, entertaining, moving, or settling in. It has been a very full season for her. not so much for me. but still. I did enjoy my quiet weekend, too. Here are few glimpses into what that looked like. Friday night snacks – prepared by me. Saturday night’s dinner – now that we’re back to College Football Season – looked much the same, except that it was prepared by Marc. Picture … Continue reading Late August Weekending.

TGIF | Happy Birthday!

Today my mom is celebrating her 81st birthday – so today’s TGIF is all about her! Traveler. Those two photos are clearly a woman on the move! and my mom’s been on the move since practically the day she was born. She was born in southern California (the San Fernando Valley when it was farmland), moved up to northern California, and then moved another countless times to cover 11 more states before landing here in Georgia in 2017. Four of those states (and six moves?) were when I was growing up. And my my mom still loves to travel. I must … Continue reading TGIF | Happy Birthday!

Unraveled Wednesday | Re-entry.

Hello friends! I’ve got stories to share about Bristol and I will. soon (promise) … but today I’m feeling a bit unraveled as I re-enter “real life”. Thank goodness I don’t have to go to work – just catching up on two weeks of mail, laundry, bills, etc. My head is still a little fuzzy from the flight home and the five hour time change. Yep, I was wide awake at 2 am đŸ™‚ Holly was certainly well attended while I was gone … but I know we both missed each other’s company. especially our side-by-side knitting time. Thanks to … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | Re-entry.

TGIF | Hello August.

Hello August! I do love a month with five Fridays – especially because I will likely miss a TGIF post for two of them while I’m in England. Honestly, I’m having trouble thinking beyond my trip right now – and I do love playing around with words – so this post is all about what I’m welcoming for that experience: Two of us. I thought for sure I’d written a post about what an awesome travel partner Sara is, but I can’t find it, so maybe I didn’t. In any event, we started traveling together – two of us – … Continue reading TGIF | Hello August.

Three on Thursday | Right Now.

Hello friends and Happy Thursday. I’m delighted to be joining in with Carole and crew today to celebrate Friday Eve đŸ˜‰  Missing my Wednesday post gave me room for this one and I’m reminded how much fun it can be to switch things up! Things are feeling a little bit crazy in my world right now. Good crazy. but still. I leave for Bristol on Monday. My to-do list is full of things for women’s ministry (which – thanks to no blog post yesterday and very little knitting are now DONE!), getting stuff ready for Sara (nearly done – still … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Right Now.