July Weekending.

Hello friends and Happy Monday! I’m glad to share a few bits and pieces from the weekend. Turns out it delicious, fun and inspiring!

The delicious part wasn’t all that unusual. We started with Friday Night Snacks, of course.Marc made the pimiento cheese top center and yummm….

Saturday lunch I shared with Katie. She’d visited the farmers’ market for the tarts and fruit and tossed a lovely arugula salad to accompany. As wonderful as the meal was, uninterrupted one-on-one time to catch up was the best treat.

Saturday dinner was Marc’s treat for me leaving the house before 8am.I’m sorry I forgot to take a photo of our plates! It was all delicious; he grilled pork loin and sweet potatoes, sliced tomatoes and topped them with crumbled blue cheese and made Smitten Kitchen’s zucchini carpaccio salad (he served the zucchini with mixed baby greens instead of arugula but otherwise followed the recipe) – y’all! it’s so good!

Play time with the little boys was fun! Sam’s into puzzles. We worked four of these(those dimples on his hands ♥)

Turns out getting a photo of me with the boys …. was a challenge
Sam is shy … even with his dad in the picture! But we did manage these three “keepers”

(and yeah, I’m not exactly sure what’s in Charlie’s bottle – it’s “an experiment”)

All of that was certainly energizing but Saturday morning’s meeting was surprisingly inspiring. The meeting was led by the Moderator of the Greater Atlanta Prebytery, sort of like the role I play at my church, but for the 70+ churches across the Atlanta metro area. There were about 40 of us in attendance, serving in different roles at our various churches. I was surprised that our church’s ministry with nearly 70 active women is one of the largest! This is my favorite slide from the presentation

I looked up Tanmay Vora’s website and it’s really good! Here’s the link to the post he wrote that included the graphic above. Of course my favorite part of the morning was the open discussion/Q&A we shared for the last 20 minutes. I think we made some good connections to help us with ideas and resources for our programs. So – very worthwhile.

…and finally, yesterday morning, I made it back to the lake. This walk never fails to restore me. (as does taking a full day away from my computer … I’m still playing catchup, but the sense of rest was/is worth it.)

I hope you found something inspiring and restful in your weekend!

12 thoughts on “July Weekending.

  1. A delightful weekend with lots of goodness. Love seeing the little boys – who are growing so fast! Marc’s meals always look so tasty and the lake: the photo’s blur quality lends a very special look. Glad your gathering was successful and filled with great info and ideas!


  2. I think your weekend deserved a pause button to delay the ending of it!

    I am chuckling at those photo out takes! I am not sure who is worse… kids or pets! I think Genevieve is “growing out of that stage” but then I get a flurry of “we tried to take some pictures” images that are very similar to those!

    I too, avoided the computer for the weekend (and have been for some weeks now) and it might just be the best part of the weekend! (Although, yes – catch up is not so fun)

  3. My grandmother always said that food tasted better when someone made it for you with love, and you hit the jackpot in that department last weekend! The boys are growing in leaps and bounds, and I’m happy to see the experiment; my boys often conducted their own experiments. That lake photo is inspiring!

  4. The photos with the boys are so precious — you can see the love in them! It looks like a weekend that truly nourished you, body and soul.

  5. The weekend was a bit of a blur, and I”m looking forward to just me and the dog this weekend. Hopefully that means I’ll get several things marked off my to do list before vacation. We’ll see!

  6. Looks like the perfect weekend Mary! Love all the food pictures – yum. But those boys!! Growing so fast and being so silly – lol.

    Glad your Saturday session was so inspiring and glad you got back to the lake (and snapped a photo to share with us!). Hope your week is both enjoyable and restful.

  7. Thanks for that look link. Gives me some things to ponder as I get my head back into the work game. Fun pictures of the boys. They look so grown up!

  8. What a wonderful weekend Mary! I particularly like that sign – so simple yet powerful! Here’s to little boys and bottles…I think I finally threw away the last one when Dan was out of college. Some disintegrating coin or who knows what!

  9. Sometimes outtakes make for the best photos of all. I love that graphic about leadership. I’m part of the team hiring someone right now and this person did something yesterday that showed strength before warmth and I think he lost some ground because of it. I couldn’t put a name/summary to what happened until now but that graphic is perfect for what I saw happen.

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