Happy Friday, y’all! In spite spending all that time on sleeve island, the week really flew by. and without further ado:

Thankful foran FO! I finished up the ribbing and blocked yesterday afternoon (oh my – this yarn blocks beautifully and dries fast) and then seamed those sleeves this afternoon. I did try it on very quickly (and it fits) …and I can’t wait to actually wear it! (and looking at the weather forecast for Bristol, it appears I might even need a heavier sweater. and a raincoat. and an umbrella).

Gathering … book recommendations. Y’all, I have about 20 hours of solo travel time and a week of waiting for deliveries, cleaning and organizing (also all solo) in my near future and and I am in need of books. preferably on audio so I can knit, clean and organize while I read! I’ve saved Kate Atkinson’s latest (about 12 hours) … so I need another few. I’m looking for fiction. engaging, absorbing, with a strong female lead (extra points if she’s over age 50). I’d love your help!

Internet-searching … curly pixie cuts. My curls have grown out to the “messy stage” and I have a haircut appointment Tuesday morning. These are my two favorites.I wish it were easy to imagine these girls with silver locks and 55+ year old faces 🙂

Fun … tomorrow morning, our new Vice Moderator and I are attending leadership training in Decatur – a close-in suburb that’s about an hour drive from home. I’m really looking forward to sharing the experience with her. and very grateful it’s supposed to be over before lunch. So I’m going to take advantage of being “in town” to have lunch at Katie’s. She says she’ll cook. and I’ll get to see the little boys, too. Stay tuned on Monday, but I think it’s shaping up to be an awesome weekend.

I hope yours is as well. Enjoy!

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  1. As I read your post, it was one YAY after another! I wish I had a short, sweet read for you… nothing short or sweet comes to my mind.

    (and I wish I could do that hair says the girl with pin straight hair!)

  2. That is one beautiful sweater! Possible book recommendations: The Secret Life of Bees, Code Name Verity, Olive Kitteridge, The Joy Luck Club, and The Red Tent. Not all of the protagonists are older than 50, I was too lazy to check gr to see if you’ve read these, and I’m not sure that they are all your cup of tea, but it’s a place to start. Good luck and I look forward to hearing what you ultimately choose.

  3. I can highly recommend Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate.

    As for the haircut — Helen Mirren wears here hair very similar to the one on the left and she ALWAYS looks great.

    Your sweater turned out so pretty.

  4. Your weekend sounds lovely! Enjoy. Some book recommendations:. Before Women Had Wings, Ahab’s Wife, The Forest Lover, cross Creek, Remarkable Creatures. They are all great and feature strong women.

  5. I think you can’t go wrong with either of those haircuts but the one on my right has my vote. And the sweater is wonderful! As for books, have you read Hello from the Gillespies? I think you might enjoy that.

  6. What a way to end the week! The sweater looks fabulous — can’t wait to see it modeled on you!

    So, book recommendations. Not sure how you feel about supernatural stuff, but I really enjoyed the trilogy by Deborah Harkness (A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life). I also love Geraldine Brooks’s books — my favorite is People of the Book (which I think you’d really enjoy — it traces the history of an ancient religious book). Other ideas: Bel Canto by Ann Patchett, The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman, anything by Fredrik Backman (I’d recommend My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry). I have no idea which, if any, of these is available on audio, but at least they’re things to look up!

    Finally, I have to tell you that I was thinking of you as I was out on my run this morning. I’ve discovered that I have an easier time if I listen to an audiobook because I’m so focused on the story that it distracts me from the slog of the run. I picked Maisie Dobbs because I know you enjoy that series!

  7. Your sweater is just lovely and looks like just the thing for cool evenings and days. It’s certainly one that can be dressed up or down as needed. I would add Save Me the Plums, which isn’t fiction, but is certainly interesting and full or well known bits of namedropping that is fun and enjoyable, plus, recipes! You would look good it either style. I like the one on the right as you’d have more options on styling.

  8. Oooh! Your cardigan is gorgeous! Sadly, I have no book recommendations for you, but if we are voting, I choose the hair on the left. I can barely look at the one on the right because those curls touching her forehead are making me so uncomfortable. LOL I can’t stand my hair to touch my face… and apparently, I don’t like others’ to either. Who’d have guessed – I have a new phobia! 🙂

  9. Your sweater is beautiful! It’s a great color and looks like an easy style to wear. I’m drawing a blank as far as book recommendations. Both hairstyles are cute, I like the one on the right better because it looks a little bit more versatile. My hair is so fine and perfectly straight that I can’t do much with it.

  10. Both of those hairstyles will suit you and can’t wait to see a photo of you after your haircut. Love your finished project!!

  11. Congrats on leaving “Sleeveland “with time to spare! Hope you found several titles to try…quite a few recommends. And looking forward to seeing a pic or two of the little guys…

  12. The sweater is fantastic. I love both cuts; then again I thought your longer curls were pretty cute too!

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