Unraveled Wednesday | Still on Sleeve Island.

Looking back at Monday’s post, I’m amazed at my optimism for just how long a second sleeve might take. The first sleeve took five days … how could I possibly think the second would go that much quicker? (sidenote – I think optimism is a good thing … let’s be honest, most days it’s what keeps me going.)

Here’s where I was just before bed on Monday night

and Tuesday nightyeah, that time I had carved out yesterday for knitting went other necessary places … and good places. I had a relaxed meeting with a new friend that left me energized and inspired. I did a little research into air mattresses for an apartment in England. I worked on a project that will see fruition this evening. All good. and honestly, coming back to sleeve island after dinner last night was a welcome respite. ha! remind me I said that!

Our weather finally broke late yesterday and it was cool enough to sit on the porch this afternoon.

I’m now 25 rows (and 4 seams) away from finishing. I’ve got plenty of time 🙂

I also have plenty of time to get my Goodreads shelf back on track – gah! I just did that last week! but since then I’ve finished a couple of books and started a couple more. (I also have one more square checked off on my Bingo card, but no more Bingos.)

…and with that, I’m off to prep some vegetables and grab some lime & tonic. Wednesday Night Cocktails is at my mom’s … and my sister and sister-in-law will be joining. (good thing I’ve got 25 rows of easy knitting to take along)

Happy to be joining in with Kat and friends. Be sure to check out what others are knitting and reading!

14 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday | Still on Sleeve Island.

  1. Looks to me that you’ve accomplished a lot, including more rows on a sleeve! Enjoy tonight’s gathering!

  2. Ribbing is just slow knitting, there is no getting around that fact! BUT!! It looks so lovely!

    Enjoy your evening with your mom and sisters!

  3. The end is in sight, and I have full confidence that you’ll be done before the week is out. I hope the new books are good company and the cooler weather holds!

  4. Sadly, reality occasionally intrudes upon optimism, but I predict you’ll soon be departing sleeve island and heading towards the land of Sewing Sweater Seams!

  5. Sleeves always seem to take so much longer than you think they’re going to! (They don’t call it “sleeve island” for nothin’!) It sounds like you had a great, productive day, Mary — with a lovely way to top it all off in the evening! XO

  6. You make Sleeve Island look good (and easy). Won’t belong before you’re packing that sweater to wear in England!

  7. Gah! I’ve got 20 rows remaining on my shawl to reach the 425 stitches. Each row is taking soooooo long now. But I will continue and finish by the weekend. I hope cocktails with the ladies was as fun as I imagine it to be! 🙂

  8. You’ll be finished in no time! And it is so lovely looking.

    Now..I want to know what the snacks were to accompany the cocktails at your Mom’s (other than the veggies you prepped).

  9. I bet by now that sleeve is just about done. I hope you had fun at Wednesday Night Cocktails. (Sounds like we need to trademark that one, too)

  10. Sometimes reality creeps – jumps in – and knitting has to wait. That sleeve looks lovely though. I hope the Wednesday evening was fun. Isn’t it nice to be able to be outdoors again?

  11. Hoping by now your are off sleeve island, and I’m all caught up with blog reading! Happy Friday.

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