Notes from Sleeve Island.

With a nod toward Sara’s upcoming move, I started re-reading Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island this afternoon. and since I’m still marooned on Sleeve Island, I’m listening. Marc is listening to The Road to Little Dribbling and I expect we’ll swap titles shortly. Sleeve Island is certainly a lot less interesting than the entire island that contains England, Wales and Scotland (not to mention Bryson’s engaging narrative style and the glimpse back to Britain ca 1995). Still …

Friday Night Snacks and an episode of Poirot, recorded from our local PBS station.

Saturday morning yoga in the park by City Hall (and a most-convenient reason to visit Theo’s again for a biscotti). This was my second time attending the free class and it’s really good. I am becoming a fan of yoga on the grass, with fountains burbling in the background 🙂

Saturday afternoon I brought a book along to Sleeve Island. Seeing Poirot made me think about how much I enjoyed Miss Marple last summer, so I picked up At Bertram’s Hotel at the library. Not my favorite Miss Marple, but it was a welcome distraction.

As was the downpour we had just before dinner. Whoa! Marc and I are still delighted every time it rains really hard and the stone path installed with last summer’s re-landscaping catches the overflow.

The highlight of Sunday was celebrating Jean’s 91st birthday at our Women’s Ministry meeting (that’s our new Vice Moderator next to Jean … it was a tough call about the highlight, because this was my first meeting to have that position report come from someone other than me!!)

and when I got home, I saw the first butterfly … of course on the vinca not the butterfly bush … but still!

In spite all of those distractions, I managed to finish the first sleeve and today I made a decent start on the second one. I have a few hours carved out for knitting tomorrow … but your guess is as good as mine if I’ll be rescued from Sleeve Island by Wednesday!

Happy Monday!

14 thoughts on “Notes from Sleeve Island.

  1. I am imaging outdoor anything in the heat we had over the weekend and I am not finding any success! I was a wilted mess after the un-strenuous task of picking beans and I should have joined Sherman in his Doggy Pool!

    Go you on the knitting! I can’t wait to see the finished sweater! (I was on a different sort of sleeve island today, and I am happy to say it was a much quicker trip!)

  2. I adore Bill Bryson and Miss Marple! Glad to see you are getting ready for your trip with UK-centric reading, and you’ve chosen two of the best. Hope you don’t get stranded on sleeve island!

  3. Reads like “sleeve island” includes good food, good reads, good fun and good progress – lotsa goodness!

  4. Bill Bryson sounds like a great accompaniment to sleeve island! I predict that with your focus, you’ll make it off the island quite soon!

  5. As fast as you knit you’ll be off sleeve island before the day is out! You have so many good things in this post. I’m going to have to show Smith your snack tray as he would go for that whole heartedly.

  6. Your *snacks* always look delicious! We are doing that kind of meal Thursday when we go to a Shakespeare in the Park production at a park near Colin & Mailing. Mailing’s parents are bringing some food (not sure what), Colin & Mailing are bringing various Italian meats and crackers and hard boiled eggs, and we are bringing an assortment of fresh veggies. Oh, and wine (thinking a vino verde).

    My bet is that you are off sleeve island in no time! Your vinca is gorgeous.

  7. free yoga? how nice! You do live in an awesome area. I like knitting sleeves as opposed to the body in that the sleeves go faster. I rarely if ever have sleeve ennui. However, never say never!!

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