Good Newses | Thursday.

Hello friends. I must admit, when I dreamed up the idea for this week’s series, I had no idea things could possibly get as negative, and downright scary as they have. I am grateful for the strong, so-much-better-at-speaking-up voices I’m seeing on-line that are reassuring me I’m not alone in how I’m feeling. I can’t say anything better than any of them and all I can add is a hearty “oh yes!”. So I’ve decided that today’s good newses are going to be personal – three little things I’m celebrating today that have nothing to do with anything you’ll see on-line. I’m happy to put a little joy in your inbox. and I hope you can find even a little bit of the same to share back in the comments … it helps us all to read them!

from this morning’s walk

First, how about the details in this photo? I was focused on the bloom center-right when I snapped it, and it was only when I cropped the photo that I saw the drops of water on the leaf below it. and the tiny nibbles taken out of the leaf to its left. and the sunlight showing up as tiny circles of blue in the background. I’m taking all my photos these days with my phone – an iPhone 7Plus. I was planning to upgrade to the XS before my trip to England, but when I compared the cameras, I didn’t find enough differences to warrant the price tag. (and oh boy, that decision also scored me major points with Marc #hugebonus)

Next, y’all might recall that I’ve been leading our women’s ministry without an obvious successor for over a year. Well, last month, we installed a Vice Moderator (!!!!) which means I’ll be transitioning to a Moderator Advisor role next summer. I spent the better part of today preparing for Sunday’s 2019/20 planning meeting and – cue the angels – preparing to transition the key Vice Moderator responsibility (which is actually incredibly easy and rewarding – securing women to present bibles at baptisms). In the going on three years I’ve been in a Moderator role, this is the FIRST time I’ve had the privilege of transitioning ANYthing. It did force me to spend nearly an hour typing up my barely legible notes for all the bible presentations since summer 2017, but still … it feels amazing! Our next meeting is scheduled for a Sunday I’ll be in England. I can’t wait to read the minutes once I’m home.

and finally, I did finish Open Mind, Open Heart this morning. I gave the book 5 stars. It’s clearly not for everyone, but for anyone even remotely curious about the Christian contemplative tradition, I think it’s a must read. I’d been trying centering prayer for a few years, but never felt like I was “doing it right”. Turns out I wasn’t … but for reasons that were completely unexpected. Applying Fr. Thomas’ easy to follow recommendations, my practice has taken on real life. so YAY!

Also, 14 books in, I finally have a BINGO!

You can see all the details on these 14 books – and the four more I’m currently reading – here. It’s definitely a mixed bag, but I’m encouraged for a strong finish. I think the books I’m reading now are all strong 4, maybe 5 star contenders. I even have titles for two of those blank squares (Our Man in Havana for the “published within five years” upper left and a brand new release, Trust First, for the “set in the state where you live”.) I’m not going for a cover-all, so unless I find something particularly compelling for those other squares, I’ll be set. of course that said, if you have a Speculative Fiction title you think I should read, I’m all ears (or eyes).

Also happy to be joining in with Carole and crew today for Three on Thursday. See y’all tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “Good Newses | Thursday.

  1. Congrats on your BINGO! “Good newses” for sure…and the changing role with your women’s ministry comes just in time! You must live right! Finally, isn’t it wonderful what we see when we really stop to look ‽


  2. A Bingo is great news, in addition to transitioning your role in your Women’s Ministry! (Also that zucchini carpaccio salad you’re having this weekend!)

  3. Lots of good newses! Congrats on the transition in your ministry group and your first bingo! I think it’s a bonus to read books that we really like in addition to getting a square on our cards.

  4. This week, oh boy. I am really struggling to see or appreciate good things this week.

    But, you managed to find and focus on some good things – thank you so much for sharing. (AND YAY for your BINGO!!)

  5. Love the photo of the flowers. The drops of water and bug-eaten leaf were what I noticed first (!), but hadn’t noticed the blue circles of sunlight. Very pretty! Congrats on your Bingo and your changing role in your women’s ministry.

  6. Congrats on your bingo and wishing you the best in your new role in your women’s ministry group. Hope your “good newses” continues through the weekend!

  7. I love, love, love the detail in that photograph! It is so worth it to slow down and take a look along the way ins’t it? Good newses all around today Mary!

  8. Yay, BINGO!!

    There’s some joyful stuff happening here: My sis & family arrived in the US from Spain a few days ago and we’ll all be meeting up in person this weekend (Junah has been beside himself with excitement for DAYS!!!). I’m also taking a quick, very welcome, unplugged visit to the Big Woods of Wisconsin (aka, up north).

  9. you sound so happy about the ministry change so I’m happy for you as well! This week was really difficult for me to focus on the positive (news drama sadness neverending) but seeing my family and celebrating my dad’s birthday was the reset I needed in my mind.

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