Good Newses | Wednesday.

I am sharing a little about knitting and books today (because Wednesday) … and also because I have Good Newses to share for both 🙂

First up, the knitting.

I am almost afraid to type this, but y’all – Whippet is about 1-1/2 sleeves (and two sleeve seams) away from being finished … and I have not had to unravel anything so far. I know things look a bit wonky in the photo, but it’s nothing blocking won’t fix. The only big change I’m making to the pattern – and it’s not even really that big – is to knit the sleeves flat. As written, that lovely lace pattern is knit around the entire sleeve and I’ll have a  few stitches of stockinette at the underarm seam. But the ease of knitting flat, not worrying at all about gauge (since the body was knit flat, too) and the fun of the eyelet pattern when you get to P, YO, P is more than making up for those few extra stitches of stockinette (and the two seams).

On the reading front, I finished the 13th book for Bingo this morning … and I still don’t have a Bingo! I do, however, have an epic Currently Reading shelf:

The five left-most titles are all going to be for Bingo squares – and Open Mind, Open Heart will likely be the first one I finish … for my first Bingo! I think this might be the first time I really have six books going (although only four are getting daily play time) … and for sure the first time my entire Currently Reading shelf is non-fiction. WHO AM I?!

Joining in with Kat and friends today … and looking forward to seeing what everyone else is knitting and reading – I’m sure Good Newses abound!

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  1. Goodnewses for sure! Congrats on the sweater’s lightning progress and an any moment now first BINGO! Go Mary Go!

  2. Your sweater is gorgeous! You have made some amazing progress! Wow! It will be done in no time 🙂

    As for your reading… I agree, what did you do with Mary??? LOL I confess, I need fiction these days – the “calgon, take me away” kind of fiction. I have debated reading Searching for Sunday… but I feel no pull to do so. Perhaps you will change my mind!

  3. I think you’re super smart for knitting those sleeves flat. I can’t imagine 6 books at once – I get anxious when I’m reading one and listening to one!

  4. Whippet is looking good! You should be done in plenty of time for your UK trip, with time to cast on something for travel knitting, too. Six books and all nonfiction?! I’m with Carole and Kat; I get anxious if I have three books in progress and I need some immersive fiction, too. Happy reading!

  5. The sweater looks fabulous and I have every faith that you’ll finish it before the week is over!

    I also bow down to you for being able to read that many books at once! For years, I couldn’t read more than one at a time. Now I can manage two, most of the time, but I have to make sure that they’re different enough not to confuse them.

  6. That’s a smart way to do those sleeves. I know my gauge shifts significantly when I change from flat knitting to in-the-round — two needle sizes, at least. Plus you get to make the magical mattress stitch seam! (I love that part… once I get set to do it.)

    I am a very monogamous reader. Though I may have more than two books on my “currently reading” shelf, anything more than one book + one audio are usually just waiting and/or abandoned for something else that came along (good intentions and all that).

  7. Yikes that’s a lot of books to have going at once! I’m a one-at-a-time type of reader (except for the addition of whatever book Fletch and I are reading together after dinner). Whippet is looking so pretty Mary!

  8. I often have several books going at once – an audio, a study book that I read a little on each weekend, and another that I read in bed in the evening. Whippet is looking great. You are making good progress. I have heard others describe it as a bit of a challenge so hooray for you. As I commented before, I’ve considered making it. I agree with knitting the sleeves flat. That’s why we knit – so we can make our own decisions.

  9. I would have knit the sleeves flat as well. Your sweater is looking so very lovely and so very close to being worn 🙂

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