Good Newses | Tuesday.

from this morning’s walk

Thank y’all so much for sharing your Good Newses … and embracing the idea! I think the world needs as much good as we can share right now and I would love for y’all to take the idea and RUN WITH IT! I don’t post very often on Instagram, but I might even be tempted to share a square of that photo above (as y’all know, summer in Georgia is not always that pretty) and encourage my few hundred followers to find some good and SHARE it. and if y’all shared something too, well, this could be something good to hold on to. and I know we all need that right now. #goodnewses

…and I guess that’s about as graceful a segue as I’ll manage today. Because today’s Good Newses are all from Instagram.

but first a little background – a while back (months? years?) I started an unplugged morning routine. I start my days dark early with coffee, quiet time with my journal, some contemplative reading and (for the last two months), 20 minutes of centering prayer. …then I come back into the real world, pour another (maybe a third? fourth?) cup of coffee and open up my laptop to check emails. Social media was never much a part of my routine, but with all that’s happened this year, I’ve made Instagram a regular part of my life. I consciously added it in, curating and re-curating my feed … and I discovered that a good time for me to check Instagram was first thing in the morning – while I waited for the coffee to brew and then while that first cup helped wake up my brain.  (shoutout to all of y’all of who do life without caffeine. I am in AWE!) Some days, this is the only time I check in with Instagram. Most days, the only time I read news is around 7am. All of which is to say that I think I might’ve finally caught up with the really bad news from the weekend. and so I love that today’s Good Newses are all from this morning’s hour plus long catch up with Instagram.

First up – I love Ambah O’Brien … and her heartfelt apology in this post made me feel good about how much I love and support her.

Melanie Berg is another favorite. I must admit I’m not quite on board with all those ends to weave in, but oh my goodness I do love her message!

and last but by no means least, this morning’s new follow – Jacqui Cieslak – gah! I can’t remember who shared one of her posts, but I’m grateful. 

Much of my hour-plus with Instagram this morning was reading her saved stories. The ones about #misogknitty, size inclusivity and Ravelry gender tags struck a chord. some because they felt comfortable … and some because they didn’t. I know I have still have much work to do. and I appreciate the time and space to do it.

Bottom line, I  am ALL IN for being better … and I truly believe we do that one step at a time.

What do you think about sharing your #goodnewses more broadly?

10 thoughts on “Good Newses | Tuesday.

  1. I have had an IG account for several years and very seldom post…I have been thinking seriously about changing that status…for a variety of reasons; #goodnewses is certainly an invitation to begin. Count me in!
    to be continued…

  2. I think #goodnewses is wonderful! Thanks for sharing these instagram accounts. I’ve been following a lot and seeking out accounts just like these.

  3. I vote we go with it! There is so much hate and sadness out there that I think good newses would be welcome!

  4. I am really struggling with good news these days. Humans being held in inhumane conditions and direct racist attacks on 4 congresswomen. And some colossally stupid sock math person and their entourage directly attacking makers on IG. I guess the one tiny sliver of good news is that I had no clue who the sock math idiot was before he became infamous to me.

  5. I try to limit my ig time which is a slippery slope. Also my feed is so big that my fav people get dropped from the algorithm (boo), and then it takes time to look for them…

    I’m so ready to life to not be full of upsetting news streams.

  6. All aboard the #goodnewses tag! There is never enough good news! And fortunately I didn’t know a thing about the sock guy either until it trickled through my stream.

  7. I think #goodnewses is a wonderful idea! There is so much hatred and nastiness out there and it is time for that to change.

  8. I am struggling with social media right now… it’s so intense, there’s so much hate and sadness and hurt, and I always have the feeling that I’m way out of all the loops, struggling to keep up, that there’s a lot between the lines (and I’m SO not a “between the lines” person)… my head is spinning. I feel bad about all of it. I worry that I’m not doing enough, not spending enough TIME… that there’s a standard or a baseline or something that I should be living up to or meeting, but I don’t know exactly what that is. I feel bad that this sounds like complaining, and worry that I’m letting people down. I’ve actually thought about shutting down accounts… for the first time ever.

  9. I have both Facebook and Instagram accounts, but rarely go on either and haven’t posted on either in ages. Guess I just prefer blogs, which tend to be bit “meatier” for lack of a better word. Having said that, though, I do like the idea of #goodnewses…but still think people could just post things on blogs rather than IG (I’m old fashioned I guess).

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