Good Newses | Monday.

from this morning’s walk … and a quick detour to my neighbor’s side-yard

When Katie was in high school, she coined the phrase “good newses” … (typically) small bits of good news that, when taken with a few other bits of good news, could change your mood and put a smile on your face. Her good newses were almost always accompanied by a hug, and I’m sure that was part of it, too. (but we all know that virtual hugs work, too.)

This past weekend, I realized I was much in need of good newses … and I found some!

Specifically, one of the best things I did this weekend was catch up on my favorite podcasts. I missed a few episodes of all of them while I binge-listened to two audiobooks (neither of which I particularly enjoyed, so I’m not even going to give them more time here) and “other” podcasts. sigh. I hate having to play catchup, but listening to three (now four, and after tomorrow five) days of smart, mostly female, positive, thought-provoking voices … has been like a stream of good newses. Here are a few things from those hours that I especially loved.

Pantsuit Politics are back from vacation! I learned a lot from their 5-things-you-need-to-know episode on Campaign Finance Reform. They shared the whiteboard for developing tomorrow’s episode where they’ll share their thoughts … and I love that this only makes me love them more!

Anne Bogel interviewed a delightfully bookish platonic couple who “love chapter books”. Their views on books are confusingly alike/different from my own (love Harry Potter, love Tayari Jones, hate Pursuasion, hate Lincoln in the Bardo, love Jacqueline Woodson), but I thought every one of Anne’s recommendations for what they should read next sounded amazing … and I haven’t read any of them. Sadly, there are long wait lists for all of them, including James McBride’s The Color of Water (published in 2006). I guess it’s a good thing that book isn’t for a square on my Bingo card since I’ll likely be reading it at Thanksgiving!

Jen Hatmaker’s latest series is For the Love of Powerhouse Women. I enjoyed hearing The Skimm story, but Melinda Gates had me at about minute two when she talked about learning contemplative practices in high school. HIGH SCHOOL! …and the rest of her story gets better from there. My library lists her book The Moment of Lift as “not gonna be this year” (ha! not really), so this might be one I buy. hummmm… it might even be a good one for my small group to read.

and last but by no means least – because this is the one that got me to actually spend money. Suzanne Stabile‘s Enneagram Journey included a one-hour preview for her and Joe’s new audio offering – Spiritual Practices and the Enneagram. It went on sale today (and it’s $30 until Thursday). Suzanne recommends Centering Prayer as a must-do daily practice in the first few minutes. with all the zeal of the newly converted – to both the Enneagram and to Centering Prayer, I’m compelled to learn more. (stay tuned.)

Here’s to a good week. a week of positive thoughts. random acts of kindness. small points of light. truly anything that gives us energy to do (or recover from) the heavy lifting in other aspects of our lives.  …and I’d love for you to join me in sharing at least a few of those things. #goodnewses

8 thoughts on “Good Newses | Monday.

  1. Lotsa “goodnewses ” in this post…and the flowers are lovely! I’ve been debating Melinda Gates’ book…for sure will add to the list, ow that I’ve read your post!

    Cheers and VUGS (virtual hugs!)~

  2. So much good newses on a day in dire need of good newses! I spent my time today sewing and listening to Song of Solomon… and that was the best place to be!

  3. I love the idea of good newses, and I’m going to embrace it! As someone who tends toward depression and anxiety, I’ve been trying to find small things every day to be happy about, and this fits perfectly into the idea of good newses! I have to say that one thing that gave me a boost yesterday was when I got home from work, my husband was watching the news conference with the four congresswomen who’d been told to “go back to where they came from.” They were so strong and inspiring!

  4. My good news is more personal than global, but today I’m blocking my Hitchhiker (and pretty excited about it), I’ve just made enough stuffed zucchini for half of the neighborhood and will take some next door later today, and I’m enjoying a really good cup of tea this morning. I may even have a second one later!

  5. Good Newses – I just love that phrase. So fun. I haven’t been able to get into podcasts, but the Modern Mrs. Darcy looks interesting to me!

  6. What a wonderful post Mary – thank-you! Good newses on our front…Dan has made the final round in a job hunt…fingers crossed. The weather is absolutely summery hot humid and exactly as it should be. And…30 rows of a million hundred stitches remaining on the Capella shawl…the end is in sight!

  7. I love the idea of Good Newses and think it should be a regular feature on your blog. And maybe mine and some other bloggers, too, if we can have your permission to use Katie’s phrase.

  8. I loved that episode on WSIRN podcast, I listen to that one regularly and often. I tend to add a book on my tbr list. My good news is that my son’s lasik procedure went well and was successful!

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