Unraveled Wednesday.

It’s Wednesday (again? already?) and I’m happy to be joining in with Kat and friends to talk about knitting … with no unraveling. Knock on wood, all three of my current projects have been – so far! – unravel-free!

First up, knitting in public at this afternoon’s Live in HD re-run (from 2007) of The Barber of Seville. It was the first time any of us had seen that opera and we expected “fun”, but oh-my-goodness it was laugh out loud funny. Our next opera is Turandot in October … maybe I’ll have a new sock on the needles by then.

This is the first sock of another pair for my mom … Malabrigo Arroyo in the Archangel colorway (48 st on size 3 needles).

My other two projects are ones you’ve seen before, Bon Voyage and Whippet. Both have seen some attention this past week – Bon Voyage is good for TV (mostly … it sat out the 2nd half of the soccer game on Sunday … but it could see some tennis this weekend). It still looks the same, so maybe I’ll save a photo til next week.

My real progress is Whippet. I’ve even added another repeat (or two?) since I took this photo yesterday afternoon.

I finished the increases and separated the sleeves on Sunday. The body took me a bit to get into a rhythm, but I think I have it … I knit most of this yesterday.

I’m almost afraid to photograph it … or look too closely … I sure hope there isn’t a mistake in all that eyelet!

Anyway, it’s to the fun part now! (well, at least until I start the sleeves … probably a “few days away” at best 😉 )

I’m almost to the part where I’m going to start thinking hard (because of course I am already thinking a bit) about what to cast on next. There might be enough time to squeeze in another summery top, but my thoughts are turning more to fall. Sarah’s Soldotna Crop is a leading favorite. or maybe I just crave some colorwork? In any event, it’ll be a few weeks (at least) and I’m sure there will be plenty of other ideas before I settle on something.

Be sure to check out Kat’s to see what everyone else is knitting, reading (I have been reading, just don’t have much to share) and generally unraveling about … all in a good way!

10 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday.

  1. I bought the pattern for Whippet some time ago. I have always wanted to knit it so keep us posted. Yours looks lovely.

  2. Sock knitting and the Barber of Seville sound like perfect companions! But, your sweater…oh my. It is so lovely! ❤️❤️

    And, I am with you in craving some color work! Sarah’s Soldotna pushed that right to the top and then Heidi Kirrmaier’s Early Bloomer pushed me over the edge. I cast on this morning! I am a little concerned about a cropped sweater, but I fell in love with one of the OJenny’s test knit (https://www.ravelry.com/projects/OJenny/early-bloomer) and so I am ignoring the inner critic and boldly knitting!

  3. Isn’t Archangel a beautiful color. I did a pair of socks for Valentine’s Day in that color.

    The front band on your sweater is exquisite! I don’t see any mistakes. LOL

  4. That’s a nice trio of photos! As usual, I am in awe of your skill – that pattern looks very complex. I’m amazed you were able to knit during an opera – there’d be a riot in our local Opera House if anyone tried that here!

  5. Whippet is looking really lovely. If there’s a mistake, I certainly can’t see it (that’s one benefit of a busy stitch pattern, I guess!).

    I’m looking forward to seeing what colors you pick for your Soldotna!

  6. I love both the colors and name of the Archangel socks! And Whippet is really lovely. If it looks this good now, it will be really wonderful when it’s done and blocked!

  7. Oh my! Whippet is GORGEOUS and I love the soft grey color. Are the socks fingering weight? Just larger needles and fewer stitches? That’s a great color.

    I’m still thinking of making a Stopover come the Fall, but Soldotna is awfully pretty…..

  8. If there is a mistake I cannot see it! I love all of your projects you have on the needles, you are in knitting heaven if you ask me 🙂

  9. That sweater is going to be gorgeous! You’re knitting so many (fantastic) things! I can barely make it through one!

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