Looking Back | June.


Unlike most of the daily photo mosaics I share, I think y’all have actually seen nearly all of these photos already – either here, or on Instagram, or maybe even Ravelry (that meta moment on the 20th when I was knitting an Espace Tricot pattern while watching the latest Espace Tricot podcast) … so there isn’t much new news here. But still, seeing the whole month together, marveling that yes, I really did take FOUR photos of the daisies by the front gate, THREE of me reading a book, TWO of the butterfly bush in our front yard, ONE more of gardenias, and NONE of the lake … along with a host of other family, friends and places (and of course one adorable little dog) – it all reminds me yet again that there is much to celebrate.

The video this month adds in a lot more movement 🙂 , our binge through Fleabag (y’all – must watch!) and our new must-watch Yellowstone season 2 (last season I described it as Longmire set in Montana – this season, it’s more like the Sopranos set in Montana … so not for everyone – also, it’s just now coming out one week at a time … so hard to binge).

I’m already nine daily photos into July and so far I’ve managed none of those repeats from last month – and one of the lake. It seems pretty safe to say that July is going to tell a much different story. I’m looking forward to it!

Happy Tuesday!


9 thoughts on “Looking Back | June.

  1. I think the flowers are so lovely – and are always welcome, no matter how many repeats! Your June was so much fun – still or moving!

  2. Daisies may not be the showiest flowers, but they are so cheerful and always bring a smile to my face. So I am happy to see them multiple times.

  3. But ………..isn’t that how life is …………….shampoo, rinse, REPEAT! You can never get too many pictures of daisies!!!

  4. Looks like June was a top 12 month Mary! 🙂 I love your mosaics they bring a smile my way each and every time!

  5. Daisies are the most photogenic flowers, don’t you think?
    Here’s to a great July . . . unfolding as we speak.

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