July 4th Weekending.

Hello friends and happy Monday! …especially after what was – for us! – a FIVE DAY weekend. Yep, we left for the lake early Wednesday and enjoyed a very full day and night there with Katie and her family before driving home Thursday afternoon. I shared three of my favorite photos from the trip with y’all on Friday. Here are a few more

waiting for the fireworks
…and enjoying them. This is Charlie and his friend, whose family was also at the hotel for the holiday.
an early morning walk along the golf course and lake
one last Poppa smile before we left

…and – of course – a video (36 hours collapsed into about that many seconds)

whoa, no wonder we were tired 😉

The pool, the grounds, s’mores, fireworks, and of course the lake … the Ritz does July 4th in style! The fireworks are open to all, and it was pretty crowded by the time they started at 9:40 pm ET (yikes! a downside of being on the western edge of the timezone, but once they started we were all wide awake again)

… and to be clear, that last frame is Thursday evening. home.

The pace of the next three days was considerably slower. I knitted (more on that Wednesday) and spent some quality time with my journal and evolving Centering Prayer practice. 

Saturday morning, Marc and I visited the farmers’ market in our town’s city center. We were a little disappointed in the produce (it seemed like most of the vendors had visited the state farmers’ market on Friday and were simply re-selling their purchases). But the bread market was authentic. Theo’s is a local favorite and we were delighted to see them there. with a long line. I tried a pistachio golden raisin biscotti (off frame to the left – yep, couldn’t even get the whole display into one photo!) and it was perfect with a second cup of coffee.

Yesterday morning, I finally made it to the lake. I can’t remember the last time I was there. There were still signs of the Fourth, but few people, and the lake felt quiet. It was a very peaceful way to begin the day.

Which was good … because after church (for me) and golf (for Marc) we watched the soccer match. and whoa, I couldn’t even knit for the second half! But YAYAAYYAY!!! what a wonderful way to close out the weekend.

and I’m curious – did you watch? and if you did, did you knit?!


11 thoughts on “July 4th Weekending.

  1. What a fun holiday that was! And, wow… that bread! Oh my!!

    I did not watch the game…I don’t even know why now. But, Sunday afternoon was my only knitting time all weekend – so there was that!

  2. Lovely photos of your weekending…and as Kat sez: the bread! Wowza! I didn’t watch any fireworks but heard plenty from around the neighborhoods (it’s legal in DC to shoot them)…and I also didn’t watch the women’s world soccer match BUT I did jump up n’ down when I saw they won! No knitting either but I did finish a book…more on that Wednesday!
    Good to be back to regular rhythm, too!

  3. That early morning lake shot is stunning, and it looks like lots of fun was had by all. That bread!! I didn’t watch soccer as I was visiting my SiL and they don’t even own a tv. Luckily they won without my cheering!

  4. That looks like such a fabulous getaway to celebrate the 4th! I love the video, too, it’s a fun way to relive a vacation, I’m finding. I did not watch the soccer match – I think I’m the only one, though! Oh and that bread – amazing! We went to a Farmer’s Market in Maine while on vacation and got some fabulous marble rye and pastries. Our Farmer’s Market here has a lot of crafters . . . and they aren’t very good ones . . . so without a lot of produce we just don’t go.

  5. Thank you for allowing us to experience a little bit of your weekend with you — it looks like it was a lot of fun! Our 4th was considerably quieter, but that’s okay, too. We did watch the soccer match (well, the second half, anyway), and I was spinning while watching, but I’m pretty sure I stopped when we got close to the goal.

  6. Looks like a great time. I did watch the game while I worked from home on Sunday. It was a wonderful game!

  7. What a great time!!

    I had a hard time even watching the game! For some reason, it just wasn’t coming in on my TV (and that particular local station can’t be picked up on antenna, either), so I signed up for the free trial on some streaming service in order to watch the last — THRILLING — little bit of the game.

    I did not knit. 🙂

  8. What a lovely celebration, Mary! I love the shot of Charlie and his pal . . . watching the fireworks together. 🙂 I didn’t watch the game. We were busy helping B & L move — visiting, with another load of Brian’s “stuff” from home. I did keep up with updates on my phone, though! XO

  9. Since I had forgotten about the game (I KNOW!) and don’t usually watch TV (it’s in another part of the house) I didn’t watch, BUT I jumped for joy when I got notice the USA had won!!! I was knitting, however. 🙂 Your weekend looks like a perfect 4th of July weekend. I am very envious of the pile of pastries, even though I wouldn’t be able to partake. We really have nothing to compare!

  10. What a great few days Mary! I did not watch the game…choosing to sit outside and knit. The season is so short here! Doug did report all the action to me though. And my oh my…that bread photo!

  11. What a super video run-through – I do enjoy these. And amazing that the water in the lake is warm enough to swim in. A quieter few days sounds just the ticket, a chance to reconnect with yourself :). No knitting here, some food-for-the-freezer prep as my son and family will be come to stay for the last week in July and a lot of texting with my DD, who’s waiting for her first baby to arrive (day five after term today!).

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