Hope | July 2019.

I sat at my desk this morning, thinking about what I was going to write, marveling once again how this OLW has been such a gift … and in unexpected ways. I added two more “HOPE quotes” to my journal this month: The power of hope is greater than greed. ~Pastor Steve’s daily meditation, July 4 Patience is hope in action. ~Fr. Thomas Keating, Open Mind, Open Heart But the message that really hit home for me comes – again – from Fr. Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward. In the last few chapters, he paints a picture of the second half … Continue reading Hope | July 2019.

July Weekending.

Hello friends and Happy Monday! I’m glad to share a few bits and pieces from the weekend. Turns out it delicious, fun and inspiring! The delicious part wasn’t all that unusual. We started with Friday Night Snacks, of course.Marc made the pimiento cheese top center and yummm…. Saturday lunch I shared with Katie. She’d visited the farmers’ market for the tarts and fruit and tossed a lovely arugula salad to accompany. As wonderful as the meal was, uninterrupted one-on-one time to catch up was the best treat. Saturday dinner was Marc’s treat for me leaving the house before 8am.I’m sorry … Continue reading July Weekending.


Happy Friday, y’all! In spite spending all that time on sleeve island, the week really flew by. and without further ado: Thankful for … an FO! I finished up the ribbing and blocked yesterday afternoon (oh my – this yarn blocks beautifully and dries fast) and then seamed those sleeves this afternoon. I did try it on very quickly (and it fits) …and I can’t wait to actually wear it! (and looking at the weather forecast for Bristol, it appears I might even need a heavier sweater. and a raincoat. and an umbrella). Gathering … book recommendations. Y’all, I have … Continue reading TGIF.

Unraveled Wednesday | Still on Sleeve Island.

Looking back at Monday’s post, I’m amazed at my optimism for just how long a second sleeve might take. The first sleeve took five days … how could I possibly think the second would go that much quicker? (sidenote – I think optimism is a good thing … let’s be honest, most days it’s what keeps me going.) Here’s where I was just before bed on Monday night and Tuesday nightyeah, that time I had carved out yesterday for knitting went other necessary places … and good places. I had a relaxed meeting with a new friend that left me … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | Still on Sleeve Island.

Notes from Sleeve Island.

With a nod toward Sara’s upcoming move, I started re-reading Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island this afternoon. and since I’m still marooned on Sleeve Island, I’m listening. Marc is listening to The Road to Little Dribbling and I expect we’ll swap titles shortly. Sleeve Island is certainly a lot less interesting than the entire island that contains England, Wales and Scotland (not to mention Bryson’s engaging narrative style and the glimpse back to Britain ca 1995). Still … Friday Night Snacks and an episode of Poirot, recorded from our local PBS station. Saturday morning yoga in the park … Continue reading Notes from Sleeve Island.


Happy Friday! I feel like TGIF is sort of an honorary Good Newses, so it really doesn’t even need to call it out. I must admit, I haven’t been this glad to see a weekend in a very long time. Trying out … my new skincare routine. I finished up the old products last week and started Monday with all ten steps … well, except I still haven’t used the mask. That’ll be tomorrow. Two of my ten steps live in the shower – the exfoliant and the “water cleanser” – so I didn’t include them in the photo. I … Continue reading TGIF.

Good Newses | Thursday.

Hello friends. I must admit, when I dreamed up the idea for this week’s series, I had no idea things could possibly get as negative, and downright scary as they have. I am grateful for the strong, so-much-better-at-speaking-up voices I’m seeing on-line that are reassuring me I’m not alone in how I’m feeling. I can’t say anything better than any of them and all I can add is a hearty “oh yes!”. So I’ve decided that today’s good newses are going to be personal – three little things I’m celebrating today that have nothing to do with anything you’ll see … Continue reading Good Newses | Thursday.

Good Newses | Wednesday.

I am sharing a little about knitting and books today (because Wednesday) … and also because I have Good Newses to share for both 🙂 First up, the knitting. I am almost afraid to type this, but y’all – Whippet is about 1-1/2 sleeves (and two sleeve seams) away from being finished … and I have not had to unravel anything so far. I know things look a bit wonky in the photo, but it’s nothing blocking won’t fix. The only big change I’m making to the pattern – and it’s not even really that big – is to knit … Continue reading Good Newses | Wednesday.

Good Newses | Tuesday.

Thank y’all so much for sharing your Good Newses … and embracing the idea! I think the world needs as much good as we can share right now and I would love for y’all to take the idea and RUN WITH IT! I don’t post very often on Instagram, but I might even be tempted to share a square of that photo above (as y’all know, summer in Georgia is not always that pretty) and encourage my few hundred followers to find some good and SHARE it. and if y’all shared something too, well, this could be something good to … Continue reading Good Newses | Tuesday.

Good Newses | Monday.

When Katie was in high school, she coined the phrase “good newses” … (typically) small bits of good news that, when taken with a few other bits of good news, could change your mood and put a smile on your face. Her good newses were almost always accompanied by a hug, and I’m sure that was part of it, too. (but we all know that virtual hugs work, too.) This past weekend, I realized I was much in need of good newses … and I found some! Specifically, one of the best things I did this weekend was catch up … Continue reading Good Newses | Monday.