Looking Back | May.

Whoa, May! I always love putting these mosaics together because they bring a wholeness to the month that I don’t necessarily see while I’m in the weeds of the everyday. I’d forgotten (despite compiling that me-made post last week) just how cool the month started out. how many days I spent sewing. how thrilled I was(am!) that Marc’s taken responsibility for our porch-pots this summer (May 6 and 7). how much time I got to spend with my family (especially Sara and the little boys) … how good the month really was.

In one of her recent podcast series, Jen Hatmaker asks her guests what small thing they do to take care of themselves every day. While I was listening to those episodes, my answer would be something along the lines of “freshly steamed milk in my coffee” or “starting my day away from my computer”. But today, I see it’s really “taking a photo that will help remind me ….”

I also captured a few seconds of video most days (this habit is not nearly as well-established as the daily photo!) and compiled 50 of my favorite seconds with the 1SE app. I do love how the video (and the sound) adds another dimension to the story – so here you go.

I don’t think Jeopardy will play such a key role in June 😉

As always, I appreciate the part y’all play in my story … and hey – you’re literally part of it on May 17 and 31 – thank you!!

9 thoughts on “Looking Back | May.

  1. As always, such, such fun to recap and look at the previous month! The food and drink look scrumptious; always LUV the little boys; Holly walking on the rim of the brick path and THE LAKE [deep sigh]! Thank you so much…I must learn how to use 1SE! Adding to my June list of accomplishments…eeek!


  2. I never appreciated how much *I* would get out of the act of reviewing the previous month! It is such a wonderful thing to do and it is a great reminder of despite how cold, or rainy, or argue-y the month was – there was something good every single day!

    Your May was full of so much fun and love and making and cocktails!! and those boys! (Who are pretty darned adorable!)

  3. Even though I don’t post to any medium, I still take a photo a day and collect it on the Collect app. My view this month hasn’t been more than a few feet from my couch, but I expect it to broaden as the days pass. (fingers crossed)

  4. Oh, those sweet little boys, Holly walks, cocktails, and the flashing”5P” of sewing! May was grand!

  5. I so enjoy these posts. You’re absolutely right about the “weeds of the everyday” (great term for it, too!) — when we’re in the thick of it, it can be hard to step back and see what’s going on in the bigger picture.

  6. I need to know more about this photo a day idea. Do you have a reminder or how did you make it a habit? Are you using your phone or an app? I have hardly taken any photos lately and I want to get back into that routine.

  7. I always enjoy your monthly recaps and May is no exception! The porch pots look beautiful and that picture of you and your Mom is one of my favorites. Those boys are growing like weeds!!

  8. The photos are always great but I love how the video makes it all come alive. Holly’s reaction to popcorn is priceless and the boys watering the garden is precious.

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