Sometimes Sundays.

…are for reconsidering.

I was just hopping into the shower yesterday morning when my sister texted me about Summer Book Bingo. I grabbed my glasses and we had this quick exchange.

I totally planned to just send her the link from last year. But then. I thought about how much fun we’d had together the past five summers playing our cards … and how I could simply strike out the dreaded “graphic novel” square and add one for “recommended in Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading Guide (any year)”.

and by the time I got home from church, I was all in.

An hour (yes, that’s really all the time it took!) later, I texted her this photo (with a link to my blog šŸ˜‰ )

So if you’re reading this post on my actual blog, you should see the link on the top menu. If you’re reading elsewhere, here you go. The only thing that’s changed in the rules from previous years is the dates. This year Memorial Day to Labor Day means May 25 – September 2. and our tag is #summerbookbingo2019 (that tag already had one post on Instagram yesterday when I checked, but hey, it’s all good!).

I generated my card just before I started this post. I refreshed a few times to see if I could get that new Modern Mrs. Darcy square, but it wasn’t to be. I figure I can still make it work!

I am not at all thinking a coverall. but I’m pretty sure my random queue of library books, plus a few planned reads (Jane Austen for column 4/row 2!) will make a Bingo! (or two).

As always, here’s to Summer Reading! …and (sometimes!) to changing my mind.

xo – M.


13 thoughts on “Sometimes Sundays.

  1. I have to say I am excited now that you have posted this – maybe because summer break is closer now. I have my card ready to go! Thanks

  2. Wahhhoooooo! (Happy Dance over here!!) Yay!! I will add a post script to my Unraveled Wednesday post directing all those amazing summer readers your way!

    I will be generating my card shortly!! WOO!

    Thank you! XOXO

  3. I was going to write a post this week about my summer reading plans with suggestions on how to set some summer reading goals with or without bingo. Looks like now I don’t have to do that – I’m all in on this!

  4. I always think that reconsidering after some thought is a sign of intelligence! I can’t promise that I’ll change my mind and participate, but I can say that I will also reconsider. At the very least I’ll be on the sidelines cheering everyone on and taking note of what you are all reading.

  5. LOL I would never read enough to make a Bingo, but the idea board will stretch my choices in books.

  6. There’s so much to be said for flexibility and changing your mind! Good for you, Mary. And good for all those happy Summer Book Bingo participants out there! (I’ll enjoy cheering you all on from the sidelines again this year, happily reading but not seeking bingo-s.) XO

  7. After reviewing my TBR list, I think that I have enough variety on my list to play along, but without any pressure to get a coverall!

  8. I’m so happy you caved and will be hosting a summer of reading! Like last year I pulled a card and if I read a book that fits I’ll jot it down. Last year I got 4 Bingos despite myself! LOL We’re going to have a fun summer!

  9. Yay, yay, yay! I’m so happy. This gives me a push outside of my box, a challenge that I can always use and a fun time talking to my local friends about all the fun I’m having with my “fake” friends. (Not my term btw. People just don’t get it! xoxoxoxoxooxo) Thank-you Mary!

  10. Isn’t it hard to stop something good? I do not read enough to participate (I wish I did) but I do so enjoy reading everyone’s posts as they cross off the blocks.

  11. Thank you for another year! My wife was so excited last night that I had to bribe her to come to bed. (I offered to pack her lunch if she’d just go to bed!)

    I loved my blackout last year, and she used her card to expand her reading horizons for the entire year.

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