Looking Back | April.

April is always one of the prettiest months around here … and combined with our Beaufort trip, Easter, some wonderful knitting and sewing, a new Saturday night dinner routine … and a delightful afternoon with our favorite little boys … well. I’d do it on repeat anytime.

I (finally!) compiled my #1SE video for April this afternoon and shared it on Instagram.


Life is indeed made one second, one photo, one story at a time. These posts are still my favorite way to document mine.

Happy Wednesday!


6 thoughts on “Looking Back | April.

  1. So many flowers and the beginning of porch knitting! Lovely, and I bet May will also be beautiful.

  2. Great month!! Plenty of color, laughs (those boys!!), and walks. I also love how you include your wind chimes each month. Here’s to May!

  3. Thank you for sharing these seconds of your life. I love getting a little glimpse into everything you’ve done and getting to share in the joy.

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