Me Made May 2019.

Hello friends and Happy Friday! Marc is playing in a golf tournament this weekend and I find myself enjoying an evening at home, by myself. I poured a glass of wine, made some popcorn and sat down to reflect back on Me Made May. Y’all have been so supportive – and helpful! – about my me-made journey … I thought you might enjoy this recap, too. I set myself the goal of wearing something me-made for every day this month – and I did that. and actually – with just a few exceptions – I didn’t feel all that limited … Continue reading Me Made May 2019.

Hope | May 2019.

Like Juliann, the “last Tuesday” snuck up on me, too. So I saved this month’s update for today. and purposefully decided on just Three Things so I could join up with Carole and friends, too. Happy Thursday! First – this visual reminder of my word* in a place where I’ll see it every day … and especially as I journal about hope, gratitude (and life). I think it fits nicely with my word from 2015 (and the continued gift of a calendar with the little ones who prompted that choice). Second – two of the “knitting magazines” (Laine and Pom Pom) … Continue reading Hope | May 2019.

Memorial Day Weekending.

Hello, friends! I’m just resurfacing after a long weekend full of fun and family* … and it’s good to be back here! My folks started a family weekend getaway tradition years ago (before some of the grandkids who have now all graduated college were even in school) and it’s adapted over time … where we go (closer is better), when we go (Memorial Day seems to be the favorite), accommodations (we like to be close together – a single house is great!) … and these past few years, my mom has been fine-tuning that last piece. Now that the grandkids … Continue reading Memorial Day Weekending.

Sometimes Sundays.

…are for reconsidering. I was just hopping into the shower yesterday morning when my sister texted me about Summer Book Bingo. I grabbed my glasses and we had this quick exchange. I totally planned to just send her the link from last year. But then. I thought about how much fun we’d had together the past five summers playing our cards … and how I could simply strike out the dreaded “graphic novel” square and add one for “recommended in Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading Guide (any year)”. and by the time I got home from church, I was all … Continue reading Sometimes Sundays.


… coming to you from my favorite place right this very second. I must admit I am not a huge fan of having the laptop actually in my lap, but the breeze and the view are more than worth it. ahem…views 😉 Thinking about … what I’m going to do this weekend. Apart from my weekly FaceTime with Diane tomorrow morning and church on Sunday (our annual cannot-miss Youth Service, which concludes with a slide show that always makes me cry … “kids” I taught in Sunday School a few years back are now graduating college. I can’t wait to … Continue reading TGIF.

Unraveled Wednesday | Monogamy.

Delighted to be joining in with Kat and friends today with an update on my knitting and reading. Today’s story is a bit unusual – for the past three days I’ve been monogamous to my knitting and my reading. It does make for progress! I’m almost halfway through the body on the crew-neck side of Sayer. I’ve been switching between the knitting (with a steady stream of podcasts playing on my phone) and the reading. This is A Necessary Evil (the second in the Sam Wyndham series) and it’s just as good as the first. I’ve also really been enjoying … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | Monogamy.

More May Weekending.

Hello friends and happy Monday! … right now, I am sitting at my usual counter spot, but unlike my favorite Monday late afternoons, where Marc is off enjoying himself with his friends, today he is sitting just a few yards away, frustrated with getting his new iPhone set up (apparently Marc, the iCloud and his multiple devices have not been nearly as synched as he thought). Looking back over my photos from the weekend and reflecting on all the stories is proving a nice distraction. Friday night started shortly after I signed off my last post. Marc made snacks, and … Continue reading More May Weekending.


Hello friends and Happy Friday! I wrote a few weeks back about how much I enjoy sitting down late on a Monday afternoon to write a weekending post. Writing a TGIF post late on a Friday afternoon is also a joy … especially when the weather gods have been kind enough to grant Marc an afternoon round of golf and me an afternoon “alone” with my podcasts, my thoughts, my sewing machines … and Holly! Thinking about … my making plans. I know. again. (always.) But #memadeMay is helping me identify what I wear, what I like to wear … … Continue reading TGIF.

Looking Back | April.

April is always one of the prettiest months around here … and combined with our Beaufort trip, Easter, some wonderful knitting and sewing, a new Saturday night dinner routine … and a delightful afternoon with our favorite little boys … well. I’d do it on repeat anytime. I (finally!) compiled my #1SE video for April this afternoon and shared it on Instagram.   Life is indeed made one second, one photo, one story at a time. These posts are still my favorite way to document mine. Happy Wednesday!   Continue reading Looking Back | April.

Early May Weekending.

Hello friends and happy Monday! Based on my Instagram feed, I know a lot of y’all saw Spring this weekend – yay! – it’s wonderful to see … and it makes me even more aware that our weekend – yes it really is just early May – kind of feels more like summer. Beginning with our Friday evening walk. Flip flops, pink toes … and a coordinating collar … against green grass! Our snacks as dinner is still the same old good stuff (I’m not sure what nods to the season our plate will take?!) but the sausages have improved … Continue reading Early May Weekending.