Late April Weekending.

I put “late April” in the title of this post to remind myself it really is still April. While parts of the country saw snow (if that’s you, I’m so sorry!), we saw abundant sunshine and felt what might’ve been the last of the 40-some degree mornings. Here’s the whole story –

Friday night was our typical dinner

and the last three episodes of the latest season of Bosch (we tried to go slow, but our willpower ran out big time after that second episode … I even stayed awake til nearly 10pm to see the end!) This season might be one of my favorites so far and I highly recommend it!

Saturday morning was spectacular (I noted “45 degrees and clear” in my journal at 6:45am). I walked down to the lake for the first time in ages and was treated to a spectacular view.

On the way home, I climbed back up the bank to see those rhododendrons up close. I do love the rain-washed blooms, but honestly, sun-washed wins in my book every time.

Much of Saturday was spent knitting with friends … via FaceTime with Diane and then in real life with Deena. Screen Door saw lots of love through all of it!

Saturday evening Marc and I visited with neighbors, gathered on a patio and enjoying a fire. Considering that this neighborhood is only 17 houses … we’re remarkably different in lots of ways. tastes in music and food, family situations, religion … but we found common ground and had a lot of fun (and stayed out way past our bedtime … which every now and then, is a good thing to do!)

Sunday dawned a little cloudy and a lot warmer (59 degrees), but my walk was still beautiful. I saw the first of these irises last weekend and was happy to see a few blooms still holding on.

The best part about Sunday – by far! – was confirmation. Of course I didn’t have to stand up in front of the congregation (well, except to give out the shawls our Prayer Shawl Ministry knitted and crocheted – and I had help!), but my whole heart was up there with them, especially Catherine. and I am so grateful to her mom for this photo (and for allowing me to share it with y’all).

I’m still basking in the All of it.

Spending the afternoon on the porch, with my knitting and a few podcasts was perfect.

I also enjoyed FaceTime calls with both girls. but no nap. so last night was an early one. which worked out fine … because this morning was an early one, too.

What special sign(s) of spring did you see this weekend?

Here’s to a wonderful week!


12 thoughts on “Late April Weekending.

  1. If I ever find myself in your GA neighborhood, I’m going to make sure it’s on a Friday night. Your snacks look absolutely delicious! My grandmother always called iris “flags” and your photo reminded me of this lovely memory. Another great weekend!

  2. I agree with Bonny — if I’m ever in your area, I’m going to be sure to stop in on a Friday evening to share those yummy snacks! Looks like it was a wonderful weekend for being outside. We had a cooler weekend and now seem to be in a period of rain at some point every day. At least it’s good for the plants and the grass!

  3. What a lovely weekend, Mary. Here . . . well. We had snow on Saturday. But I was out gardening on Sunday, so . . . SPRING. XO

  4. Oh those snacks! There’s not much spring to be found where I live but a quick trip to the Cape showed promise. There were plenty of magnolias in bloom and signs of color everywhere. We have hope! (See I can hope! 🙂 )

  5. What a lovely weekend, Mary! I’ll join y’all for that Friday Night Snacks party!!

    Spring seems so incredibly slow to get started here this year! The kids and I found a bunch of tulips blooming in the back yard, and the rhubarb & bleeding hearts & peonies are starting to emerge, and Ali pointed out all the buds on my lilac bush…

  6. We are in full bloom here in Utah. Tulips, lilacs, iris (just starting) kwanzan cherry trees and SO much more! I even saw an early wisteria. I’m also coming in for Friday night snacks!

  7. What a lovely weekend you had! If it ever stops raining here, I hope to get outside and enjoy some patio time! Hope you have a great week!

  8. Lovely weekend…just lovely…and tasty too from the looks of the Fri pm spread! I’m ready for May …but not the hi 80s and 90s temps forecast…winter to summer…


  9. a most perfect weekend! I’ll be researching bosch – we watch tv together and it seems like something we would both like. Your knitting is beautiful and summery looking.

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