Beaufort Weekending.

Hello friends! It’s good to be home … sitting at my kitchen counter … looking back through the photos of the weekend. but of course it’s Tuesday. and this past weekend was not the typical Marc & Mary with Holly. Nope – it was our  Girls’ Weekend in Beaufort. The place and the time together are a big part of our family’s story … and mine personally. I love that it comes in a season where I’m reflecting on love, strength, and forgiveness. Gathering with family who are friends and friends who are family seems like the perfect way to celebrate all of that.

The “weekend” began Thursday morning when we picked up our rental car minivan (yep, my mom said they took one look at us and all our stuff and decided we needed an upgrade to a Dodge Caravan) It was roomy, but whoa, it doesn’t drive like my little SUV 😉This is us in Macon, at the Starbucks Stop. aka the “bathroom stop” 🙂 #girlsontheroad

Later … we arrived, unpacked, had a glass of wine … and walked to dinner.
A few cocktails, a few salads, and orders of shrimp and grits, soft-shelled crabs and crab cakes later, we were here.

Friday morning I took a solo walk. which the radar promised would be in sunshine. 

there was a rainbow. literally.

and figuratively. this is the Big Chill House … about 2/3(3/4)?? through a major renovation project. #ILoveMyWalks

We spent the rest of Friday visiting my dad, and Publix, brunching, yarn store shopping (yep – I needed a shorter size 4 needle) … and getting ready for the weekend. We had snacksand then dinner 🙂

and then GAMES!We played a dice game called Zilch (you need 10,000 points to win). and we all won. but the only photo I saved was this one 🙂

Saturday … we walked … Lydia and I early. and then with my mom and Karen. 

We enjoyed another great lunch at Wren’sand then came back to our place for naps, Masters, and dinner. Saturday night’s meal was “snacks” and we did it proud. and maybe next year I’ll get a photo!

Sunday morning we drove to Hilton Head for the Palm Sunday music service at First Presbyterian. Y’all – the program was amazing! and Charlie played Bach for the postlude (for me?!)

After church, we met my dear friend Sue for brunch. She and her husband live on Hilton Head and now that we’ll be visiting the island for Sunday church, the opportunity to meet up with her – and hopefully her husband – adds yet another blessing to this weekend.…then we drove back to Beaufort with stops for gas and toilet paper #girlsontheroad and enjoyed all the leftovers – with Charlie – for dinner.

I insisted on one last group photo and this is what I got. 

Not too shabby at all!

Lydia and I had a nice walk yesterday morning

…and then we packed up and drove home (well, my sister drove home … and that’s the seed for tomorrow’s story!)

family who are friends who are family … it’s a gift. and one for which I am most grateful.

Happy Tuesday!

16 thoughts on “Beaufort Weekending.

  1. Looks like the perfect weekend! Glad you enjoyed yourself, and I love the idea of “family who are friends and friends who are family.”

  2. What a fun weekend (despite the brief rains!!) Your new sweater is perfect! And all those smiling faces tell how much you all enjoy each other, even if your words did not.

  3. What a great weekend Mary! With bonus friends as well! I think I need to institute this tradition with my sisters-in-law who are friends family!

  4. Ahhhh! What a treat to share in your wonderful Beaufort weekend – this one was great; don’t recall the waterfront! Lovely! Glad you had a restful land memory-filled weekend. Thanks for sharing and Welcome Home!

  5. Zilch finally moving into the 21st century with score-keeping via Excel…. IMO all that arithmetic adds another challenge to the game. Looks like a lot of fun! xx

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I haven’t visited Beaufort in years. It’s such a beautiful place. Thanks for the reminder that I need to put it on my places to travel list.

  7. You have a wonderful family and you know how to enjoy your time together! You get along so well and have many things in common. That’s the secret to a family that has a great time together.

  8. All of you look happy and healthy and rested! What beautiful views to drink in as you enjoy each other’s company!!

  9. A great recapturing of the weekend-was it really a week ago?! A reminder for me of how blessed I am-glad we have next year already on the calendar!

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