Hope | April 2019.

In spite of my very best efforts to let go of hopelessness, I’m not gonna lie, it continues to be a day-by-day thing. But most days, hope wins. The practices I’ve talked about (naming gratitudes, unplugged mornings, contemplation, stillness) are a big help. and this month, I found another one – and some new voices – that have combined to lighten my spirit. I like to think I’m strong enough to do the hard work to find hope in the dark places, but day in day out, it’s exhausting. Light helps. (so does sleep. and taking care of myself with … Continue reading Hope | April 2019.

Late April Weekending.

I put “late April” in the title of this post to remind myself it really is still April. While parts of the country saw snow (if that’s you, I’m so sorry!), we saw abundant sunshine and felt what might’ve been the last of the 40-some degree mornings. Here’s the whole story – Friday night was our typical dinner and the last three episodes of the latest season of Bosch (we tried to go slow, but our willpower ran out big time after that second episode … I even stayed awake til nearly 10pm to see the end!) This season might … Continue reading Late April Weekending.


Hello friends and Happy Friday! I can hear Marc chopping and plating … I’m gonna make this quick to be sure our Friday Night Snacks includes at least a few vegetables. Thinking about pockets. Are y’all fans? At best, I have mixed feelings. I feel like they pull on the front of a sweater and I rarely use them (unless they’re a key design detail … and then only for the photos). I’m cutting out my first Wiksten Dress … and I’m undecided. I think they’re a cute detail, but I cannot imagine ever using them. I’d love to hear your … Continue reading TGIF.

Unraveled Wednesday.

Joining in with Kat and friends today to share another update about what I’m knitting … and a little about what I’m doing while I’m not knitting. Lately, it seems like I’ve spent a lot more time on the latter than usual. or maybe I’m just entering into a “new usual”?! On the knitting – I couldn’t even bring myself to take a photo of the brown blob that is my Olive Leaf Pullover. I am enjoying 25 rounds of plain stockinette in the round – the period after joining together the front and back and before beginning the Olive … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday.

Easter Weekending.

The weekend started out much the same as usual. Friday night snacks with a little knitting and – woot! – the latest season of Bosch on Amazon Prime. Holly is still not quite used to me being home. Normally she cuddles up to Marc … but when I’m gone, Marc tells me she sleeps by my pillow. absence makes the heart grow fonder?! Saturday was pretty typical, too. The day began with a drizzle, proceeded to sewing and ended with our “nice dinner at the table”. This week it was roast pork loin, green beans, corn on the cob, sweet … Continue reading Easter Weekending.

Unfolding Light.

Two weeks ago, a friend from our Friday morning group introduced us to Unfolding Light, a daily reflection written by Steve Garnaas-Holmes. “Unfolding Light is a daily reflection rooted in a contemplative, Creation-centered spirituality, often inspired by my daily walk in the woods. In poems, parables, psalms, thoughts and the odd weather report I hope to invite readers into a spirit of presence, compassion, justice and delight.” ~from the About page The reflection from April 5 is one of my favorites. and with a nod to Poem in Your Pocket Day, I’m sharing it with y’all today. Deserted place Leave … Continue reading Unfolding Light.

Unraveled Wednesday | The Travel Report.

I really enjoyed everyone’s comments on last week’s post about my travel knitting plans. Apparently we are all over the place about how we plan and pack for knitting on the road. A lot has to do with how much “free” time we think we’ll have and how accessible more yarn might be where we’re going. This week, I’m looking back on that knitting (which is probably more useful for future planning purposes for me than any of you!) First up – the socks – the mindless project. I actually finished sock #1 (including the kitchener toe) after brunch on … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | The Travel Report.

Beaufort Weekending.

Hello friends! It’s good to be home … sitting at my kitchen counter … looking back through the photos of the weekend. but of course it’s Tuesday. and this past weekend was not the typical Marc & Mary with Holly. Nope – it was our  Girls’ Weekend in Beaufort. The place and the time together are a big part of our family’s story … and mine personally. I love that it comes in a season where I’m reflecting on love, strength, and forgiveness. Gathering with family who are friends and friends who are family seems like the perfect way to … Continue reading Beaufort Weekending.

Unraveled Wednesday | Travel Knitting.

We leave for Beaufort tomorrow morning. I haven’t packed. I have a bit of meal prep to complete (this is on the menu for Friday morning and I’d rather have my kitchen smelling like roasted onions now than then). and I want to make a batch of thyme simple syrup (because cocktails). but my knitting is ready. I’m taking two projects. socks and a sweater. I knit plain vanilla socks (using this pattern, mostly in the DK weight, but sometimes the worsted variation) and going around and around – even on size 3 dpn’s – is suitable for all sorts … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | Travel Knitting.

Looking Back | March.

When I wrote yesterday that I was re-committing to my monthly collages of daily photos, I didn’t realize how deep a habit that had been.  (one might think I’d have looked back at that before deciding to toss it all aside when I got nervous about Flickr?!) In any event, this afternoon I looked back through the archives and discovered my first Looking Back post. January 2014. (!!) Along the way, I upgraded the collage app so I have more flexibility with the font and the layout – but the heart of it all – collecting a month of photos … Continue reading Looking Back | March.