Unraveled (Opera) Wednesday.

Opera Wednesdays typically don’t leave me much time for a blog post, but it’s Ash Wednesday and I’m skipping the usual after-opera cocktails so I can attend our church’s 7pm service (please note – I’m not giving up cocktails for Lent!) Today we saw La Fille Du Régiment and oh my it was fabulous. laugh-out-loud funny (how could it not be with Kathleen Turner – and no, she didn’t sing). and amazing singing. This is the opera with the famous “nine high C’s” aria … for a tenor. (watch here – we saw Javier Camerena today!) he gave the encore … Continue reading Unraveled (Opera) Wednesday.

Looking Back | January and February.

Here we are, barely 64 days into this new year … and January 1 already seems like ages ago. I’m switching things up a bit this year with my daily photos, using Flickr and a mosaic maker instead of apps on my phone and iPad. It’s a little easier and it makes me feel better about paying $5.99 a month for Flickr*. Here’s January and February amaryllis, daffodils and cherry blossoms … lots of knitting … a little bit of Holly … a few people (me included!) … and even a little sunshine. I’ve started two new habits this year … Continue reading Looking Back | January and February.

Three Photo Weekending.

I have only three photos to share from this weekend. They may be few, but they are mighty 🙂 The sun was out on Saturday and it was lovely. I took a solo morning walk to the lake. Solo is key for capturing these kinds of #blueskyblooms. Marc played golf and I indulged in some quality time with myself and a few magazines. I was reminded how much I love baths and bubbles! I think my last bath was last February, when we were in Los Cabos (the bubbles and the room were infused with the same scent and it … Continue reading Three Photo Weekending.

TGIF | Hello March.

It felt good to flip the page on my calendar this morning to see which photo would grace my desk for the next 31 days. Nothing like two of my favorite guys in coordinating plaid to make me smile! Also, a month that begins on a Friday, my favorite day of the week, just seems auspicious (never mind that February did, too!) Reflecting on the post I wrote for February’s Hope check-in, I realized I wanted something a little different for March. The actions I took in February were reactions … to discomfort, stress, everyday things. This month, I’m choosing a … Continue reading TGIF | Hello March.