Currents | Spring 2019.

Hello Friday … and hello to all of you! Spring arrived in full this week … pollen and all 🙂 and it seems like a perfect opportunity to pause and write about right now.

Loving the longer days. That top photo was taken at 8:20pm Wednesday evening.

Noticing all the colors – and signs of life – on my walks. The top photo is from my after-small-group walk to the library (see Reading below) and the bottom is from this morning’s outing with Holly.

Planning a trip to New York. with Marc!!! in June.

Eating breakfast. I missed a day earlier this month (upset stomach … drank tea and ate crackers) but otherwise I am 89 days into this habit. Right now, cottage cheese with blackberries is on high rotation.

Drinking white wine. and I bought tonic water … oh my. G&T’s means warmer weather for sure.

Watching Queer Eye season 3, Victoria (just one episode so far) and Jeopardy on DVR (therefore always at least one day behind).

Reading Becoming. I can’t believe it’s finally my turn!

Needing to let go of feeling bad about/apologizing for not living up to my own expectations of myself. From little things like missing a day or two of blogging to medium things like still not having a plan for my spring/summer me-makes to big things like having an argument with Marc.

Wanting two more hours in every day. just two. and thinking I might get those by paring back my time with social media. To that end, please don’t be offended if it takes me a little longer to respond to you and your stories 😉

Laughing with my sister and sister-in-law as they transition our group knitting project (for my mom’s 80th birthday … last August). Lydia gets to do the last bit of the 4th color and all of the 5th. (not so much laughing about all the ends I’ve committed to weave in when Lydia is done with her part.)

Looking forward to our annual girls weekend in two weeks – it’s me, my sister, our mom and our sister-in-law. Karen and I started this with our mom in 2005, we settled on Beaufort, SC as our destination in 2007 and we added Lydia last year. Much has changed about the logistics (and not only because we’re all TEN years older!) but it’s still a wonderful time to connect with three of the most important women in my life (and our dear friend Charlie). and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity.

Practicing prayer. I invited stillness this month and introduced centering prayer back into my mornings.

Hoping to add two more contemplative practices to my spiritual toolkit. This morning, my small group finished The Sacred Enneagram and practiced two new-to-some-of-us prayers – Welcoming and Examen. These contemplative practices are hard for me because they require a pause. a stillness. that doesn’t come easily. but the benefits are huge!

Saying Thank You to Marc for taking on two of the housekeeping chores – grocery shopping and cleaning bathrooms – I don’t enjoy (despise is probably a better word … and if I used hate, that might be it!). It’s kind of fun to just follow his lead … he reads the ads for Sprouts, Kroger and Costco, sketches out a menu and then makes the lists. He doesn’t even mind having to go to three stores! Sometimes he also goes off-list and surprises me ♥

What would you like to remember about right now?

Here’s to a wonderful end to March … and a not so foolish start to April! Happy Weekend!

11 thoughts on “Currents | Spring 2019.

  1. Lots of good stuff here, but I am impressed (and very happy for you) by Marc taking on those two odious household chores! And it sounds like he’s accomplishing them really well; three stores is pretty incredible. Happy Weekend!

  2. The struggle with stillness is real. Some days it is easy, others almost impossible. Thank you for those links!

    And, color!! We are starting to get some here as well! It is such a treat to see the tiny changes every day.

    I hope your weekend is full of exactly what you need – xo

  3. I love grocery shopping but I am happy the Bill enjoys folding laundry and taking care of the yard. The colors on this post are amazing!

  4. So many happy things in one post! I am jealous that you have a husband who is happy to do grocery shopping and bathroom cleaning. My husband usually comes with me to do the shopping, but he hasn’t cleaned the bathroom since I was hugely pregnant and couldn’t physically do it.

    Hope you really enjoy Becoming! I have about 40 pages left (hoping to finish it this weekend).

  5. I’m not a fan of grocery shopping but I do it quite efficiently. I have scaled back on social media and I do get a lot more done!! Go figure… I find that if I put a time limit I can get a ‘fix’ and then times up. It works for me.

  6. That is going to be a gorgeous blanket for your Mom! Love the colors you’ve chosen.

    And Marc taking on BOTH bathrooms AND grocery shopping? Wow! I’m impressed.

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend Mary. We finally had some lovely weather (of course, this morning it was back in the 20’s…).

  7. Steve is starting to take on some “chores” which is very nice! He’s even unloaded the dishwasher a few times-it is the small things right. Counting down to Beaufort!

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