Hope | March 2019.

For all its claim to be another long month (31! days), March seems to have slipped through my fingers. And I am grateful for my journaling practice and this space to remind me … no, it didn’t.

On the pages of my journal, I found hope in fresh starts. strong women. crossing boundaries with an open heart. choices. love. stillness. energy. inspiration. dots connecting. seeing the sunrise on my morning walk. birdsong. Queer Eye. On Being. changing my mind. contemplative practices. Spring! meetings with my confirmand mentee about drafting  her faith statement.

In this space, I’ve shared bits and pieces of all that … plus those days when I found hope hard.

Last Friday, I listened to Krista Tippett and Teju Cole (podcast from February 28). Two big pieces of news hit my feed that afternoon … and I was feeling hopeless. His words struck home. hard.

with all the privilege I have and all that is working out for me and all the access I have to certain forms of concentration, how dare I be hopeless?


paradigm shift.

Then the church newsletter arrived in my inbox and reminded me about the intergenerational project our Children’s Ministry is spearheading for Lent. Cultivating and Letting Go.

I was sitting in that chair on the left this afternoon, working on a prayer shawl for our confirmands. My intentions … seemed right

Again, many thanks to Juliann for hosting our monthly meet-up.

12 thoughts on “Hope | March 2019.

  1. beautiful post with lots of thoughts for me to ponder. Every morning I set intentions and ideals of my day and there is something that sidelines it. Usually a slow driver… Today however, I did not get upset at how long I was babysitting nor did I get road rage. Ah, progress! I want to be in the moment and enjoy the days as they present themselves.

  2. So much to think about in this post, but that quote struck home with me. Even when I may feel hopeless, I can find gratitude for the things I do have.

  3. Much good thinking and hopeful words to help us all rise above our hopelessness and reclaim our hope and belief. T’is hard. Very. Everyday. But we/I must “press on.” Stay hopeful. Work steadfastly to effect real change, especially within. Thank you ever so much for the encouragement. I am trying to “keep hope alive!”
    BTW: Love your tree! I have a paper crane my mom made, once upon a time. She was always playing around, exploring creativity.

  4. I’ve always thought of you as a highly positive, hopeful person, but this year you are going even farther. Kat is right; you and this post are hope-full!

  5. Indeed, how dare I be hopeless. Thought provoking, Mary. I who have health, who have time, who has so much privilege, I can give in so many ways. I can find hope in many places and continue so search, to love, to give. Thank you, Mary for a beautiful spirit and for giving the gift of hope.

  6. This is awesome, I have found that writing down is a good reminder and a way to keep perspective when things get sideways.

  7. Although I am coming to this late, your words are uplifting and refreshing me, and I am hoping they continued to be to you too. Thank-you!

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