More March Weekending.

Ah, March – not only does she have five Fridays, she also has five weekends! and this one, #4, was spectacular.

We got to see Charlie get a hit

score a run

and hang out looking “ready”.

Sam didn’t get nearly that much activity … but he ate well. Katie says that the hardest part about these sporting weekends is entertaining the younger sibling(s) … at least there’s food!

This text exchange between Marc and Rob on Saturday evening gives you the “guy’s read” of the game. The dads play a kind of “zone coach” thing while the kids rotate through the various positions. Rob had the short stop zone and Marc snapped this photo when Charlie was playing short stop. 

I’m pretty sure Rob knows… 😉

We really did have a great time! It was nearly 2 o’clock by the time we got back home (we stopped for lunch). Marc went to the driving range and I watched another episode of Queer Eye, had a fun FaceTime with Katie and took a nap.

Marc cooked dinner – a pork roast, sweet potatoes and green beans. We watched basketball … and I went to bed early.

Sunday morning was beautiful. I took an early walk by myself … and enjoyed a bit of sunrise

more blooms

and a brand new-to-me camellia. EVERY one of my solo walks last week took me past the neighborhood with a half dozen of these glorious shrubs on display. I’m so glad I finally noticed.

Such abundant color! …even on the ground.

That’s the last photo I have … I spent the rest of yesterday at church, at Starbucks (knitting with Deena), at my kitchen counter (watching another Queer Eye), at my desk (FaceTime with Sara) … and back at the kitchen counter (nachos for dinner with more basketball).

and remember that sweater I talked about starting on Wednesday? I’m ready to separate the sleeves. 

This was just the weekend I needed. family. friends. a nice mix of alone and not-alone time. good food. Queer Eye. sunshine and spring blooms … and sleep.

Marc and I both feel like a renewed sense of energy today. Here’s to carrying it through the week!

Happy Monday!

13 thoughts on “More March Weekending.

  1. Oh you are really into spring…comin’ here -for real- in a couple more days~ cherry blossoms and all! Can’t believe Charlie’s playing softball! They do start early! Enjoyed reading the txt between Marc & Rob. Glad you had a near perfect weekend…here’s to more perfect every days this week!

  2. It’s so nice to see all that sunshine and all that color! We have lots of green things starting to grow, but I haven’t spotted any flowers blooming yet save for a few crocus patches along my walk to work.

  3. Oh, T-ball!!! What fun. (And, yeah. I think Rob got it right. . . ) 😉 It sounds like a lovely weekend, Mary. Perfectly balanced. No wonder you’re feeling more energized. XO

  4. I love the T-ball photos! What memories that brings, especially Rachel reminding us that we need to cheer for *all* the kids!

    What a full and fun weekend! But, that sweater!! Oh my! I might need to look at Coast colors and join you in knitting that!

  5. Great new project and great weekend! A weekend like that feels so good, doesn’t it? Glad the weather cooperated and you got some of “everything” in your weekend.

  6. Your weekend was certainly a nice mix of all the things that are fun and important. Charlie looks so grown up and in command of his world.

  7. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I’m back to working weekends but I “weekended” on Monday and it was a copy of yours, minus the baseball and replacing Queer Eye with Absentia. It was wonderfully relaxing.

  8. I remember those long afternoons as the ball field. I think I was doing scarf knitting to keep myself entertained-and always a picnic basket of lunch [and sometimes dinner]. I’m becoming quite spoiled by the weather!

  9. What very beautiful camellias – you’ve snapped them so nicely. No wonder your spirit was lifted and appreciative of your surroundings … And well done to Charlie – he looks so grown up in his gear!

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