Mid-March Weekending.

It’s late Monday afternoon here. I spent a delightful (as always) afternoon with my knitting girls and came home to a quiet house because Marc (almost always) meets up with his golf buddies at The Tavern (the golf course is closed on Mondays). I love looking back over the weekend from this quiet place … and then writing a blog post about it.

There wasn’t much more to Friday evening since I was last here. We did snacks.

and watched the first two episodes of the latest (and last 😦 ) season of Catastrophe. (NYTimes review) I find the show super-uncomfortable … sometimes in a good way. and never because of current events. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s kind of a safe place given the craziness of right now.

Saturday morning I took a solo walk to the lake. It was stormy, but not too cold. The daffodils and I both loved having our faces toward the sun.

I spent most of the rest of Saturday on the collar of Natsu. with very disappointing results.

We made a lovely dinner – roast beef, potatoes, asparagus, and salad. and I enjoyed seeing some of Sara’s “apartment enhancements” (purchased and planned) when we connected via FaceTime. Also, two more episodes of Catastrophe.

Sunday morning I decided to rip back that collar … which took (yikes, y’all!) nearly three hours! (lesson learned – a sewn bind off is for keeps). But as painful as it was, my morning walk made me forget (almost all of) it.

Blue skies and sunshine are good that way.

As is a good speaker. Yesterday afternoon I attended the Presbyterian Women Gathering for the Greater Atlanta Presbytery. It was a lot of “business” (minutes, budgets, elections), but the keynote speaker was Rev. Aisha Brooks-Lytle and she was amazing (she leads our Presbytery). It was also very uplifting to share in a worship service with 100 other women who all live within 100 miles of me … many of whom look very different from me.

Last night’s dinner was kind of reworked leftovers along with two more episodes (if you’re keeping track that means we have one left … tonight?!)

The walks, the simple time at home, the uplifting message … all good. But what I might remember more from this weekend is the podcast stream I played

(and yes, I really did listen to Richard Rohr and Krista Tippett twice … I listened a third time this morning.) It was a nice mix. and I almost felt ready to dive back into the current world today. because Monday. and we must.

I also really love that you visit this space and take the time to read (and maybe even comment!) about my story. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Mid-March Weekending.

  1. Go you on those podcasts! I could not stop listening to The Heart’s Invisible Furies – it was that good! And, then I started in on a long book by Louise Erdrich – which is also very listen worthy!

    I am glad you had such a great weekend! XO

  2. Busy week…lots of learning and good stuff. I’d probably spend all my time at the lake . Thanks for sharing the podcasts and most of all, your weekend!


  3. Love your podcast round up – Richard Rohr is at the top of my inspiration list. Sorry about the sweater but such lovely flowers to soothe the pain.

  4. Your snacks look fabulous and oh! those blossoms on the trees! I love hearing about your weekend and how you are learning and expanding your experiences. Go you!

  5. Looks like it was a very productive and enriching weekend! I hope that we soon have some flowers blooming here, too.

  6. Blue skies, blooms and a lake are wonderful to soothe an aching soul. I hope your next go round with Natsu was better (I’m still thinking it’s a bit much for moi – lol).

  7. Your view of the lake is restorative…calm and beautiful. The apple(?) blossoms just fill my heart! It will be a month before we see that sight here. Today my view was the nearly full moon in the deep blue sky. On Being is one of the podcasts that soothes and calms me. I need to get on the snack wagon. Happy Monday (now Tuesday), Mary!

  8. That view of the lake looks so peaceful…I could sit there and just listen to the sounds of nature and feel restored. I hope your week is just as good as the weekend!

  9. Oh.
    Those blossoms!
    I’m so glad you got outside to enjoy those lovely, gorgeous blossoms. Flowers are magical. And they always seem hopeful. XO
    (So sorry about your collar.) (Drat.)

  10. I saw that onbeing pod cast and have yet to listen to it. I’m assuming it’s good if you listen to it. I have been trying to catch up on all my podcasts by listening to them when I’m going anywhere in the car. I’m chipping away my back log 🙂

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