Unraveled Wednesday | Spring!

My mom and I completed our first “Pantry to You” drop-offs this morning. We met the Senior Services Volunteer Manager at the local food pantry to load up the boxes and get a quick introduction to the two routes, covering three deliveries. The whole thing went really well. Google Maps was key, and we had awesome timing with the many (many!) lights … but the best part was meeting the three ladies.

The little bouquet above is from our first delivery. The woman lived in a “small house between 2 large ones. Easy to miss.” In springtime, the house would better be described as “small house with huge yard, completely covered in daffodils. Impossible to miss.” She gave us this handful of blooms (plus one more that my mom took home) as we left. So sweet … and a lovely reminder of our first day!

Bringing that bit of Spring! into the house has made me think it might be time to un-do the winter decor (glittered pinecones, (fake) sugared fruit, (fake) greens).

Thankfully, I worked through all that procrasti-stuff at the beginning of the week, and finished Albini yesterday (she’ll have her debut with my Thursday afternoon ladies tomorrow. FO photos coming soon!) I’ve also made a little more progress on Natsu and the end … or at least the beginning of the end (there is still a sleeve and a half and 14 rows of 300 stitches for the collar to go) … is in sight.

…which means I should be ready for my next project. but … not quite. I’ve promised Katie two tops (sewing!) for her upcoming vacation – and I’m thinking maybe I should make them first for myself as a wearable toile? and then there are the trousers. and of course I need a knitting project (or two).

Spring! is full of energy and that’s probably one of the things I love most about this new season.

But it’s also a season of renewal and reflection. and I’m reminded that taking my time, and maybe not having the next few steps mapped out, is a good thing, too.

Unraveling with Kat and crew – here. Happy Wednesday!


11 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday | Spring!

  1. What a lovely story, accompanied by those lovely daffodils! I am glad you and your mom are doing this together!

    Sewing is just the best – especially in the almost instant gratification category! I can’t wait to see your new sweater!

  2. What a wonderful thing for you and your mom to do together! XO
    Letting things just . . . unfold . . . without solid plans is a refreshing change now and again. Enjoy!

  3. How lovely to deliver boxes from the food pantry, receive some nice spring flowers, and do it together with your mom! It sounds like a real win-win-win situation! I trust that knitting and sewing will unfold just as it should – enjoy.

  4. I can just see a yard full of daffodils…what a great sight! Thanks to you and your mom for volunteering. So important!
    Good luck with your new projects…glad your mojo is back!
    Cheers ~

  5. I can just picture that little house with all those daffodils in the yard – it must be beautiful and how sweet that you got to bring some flowers home. I took down all the winter decor last weekend. No more tree in the bedroom, no more glittery trees on the mantle in the living room. C’mon spring!

  6. What a lovely memento from your volunteering! Daffodils are truly among the happiest flowers.

    We’re getting a taste of spring here today — it’s supposed to hit 70 this afternoon! But then they’re calling for snow this weekend. I guess winter isn’t fully done with us.

  7. How nice that you and your Mom are volunteering together (I had forgotten, but remembered when I read this that you were going to do something!). And those flowers – what a welcome sight!

    Can’t wait to see what you end up making. Enjoy the process!!

  8. Ho w nice that you and your mom are able to do this service together! Those daffodils are sweet & my favorite spring flower!

  9. seems you have been busy but a good busy! Love your work with donating your time and caring for others while being with your mom, that is awesome. I’m slowly regaining my regular life days after having my son here for a week!

  10. You are well ahead of us as we just had a big storm that laid down 8″ of snow.The sun is coming and we expect to hit high 50s by mid week. I’m THRILL it’s spring and I have a box of jonquils to expect in the next week or so. Glad you’re first day went so well!

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