12 thoughts on “Sometimes Mondays.

  1. I’ve been procrastireading The Heart’s Invisible Furies. So much more important and interesting than ironing!

  2. I, like Bonny, am procrastireading that same book and finding lots to chuckle over! And, today is my procrastiblogging day.

    But, I do have almost a front of a cotton sweater knit – which just shocks me! Amazing how fast things go on 10.5 needles!

  3. Procrastiknitting Natsu looks wonderful! The sun is out again here (2 days in a row!!) and I would rather be somewhere other than work so that I could procrasti-something!

  4. Also procrasti-reading The Heart’s Invisible Furies and laughing all the way. Here’s to a good day of getting nothing done! 🙂

  5. Ha ha. I rarely procrastiknit, but I definitely procrasticlean. LOVE the term and will be adding it to my daily vocabulary. 🙂 Btw, your knitting is lovely.

  6. ha ha! I love it 🙂 I am not procrastinating on anything…yet. I am hoping you are getting super spring like weather as we get birds singing and the sun shining!

  7. Sorry I was late to the party…er uh, can I blame it on procrastinating? Gotta go order opera tickets for Die Walkure! Can’t procrastinate on that!


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