Three cheers for Friday! I failed to note in last week’s love letter to March that this year it has five Fridays. as if we even needed one more reason to love her 🙂

Thinking about Book Bingo. I’m not sure I want to play this summer, which also makes me not sure I want to host. If you have a strong reaction to this (in either direction), please let me know (and if you’d rather not leave a comment, you can always email me – there’s a button in the sidebar (under “Elsewhere” – it’s the envelope icon) that pops up an email window addressed to me). Thank you!

Grateful for all the strong, wise women in my life. and feeling especially privileged to be the mother of two of them.

Inspired by a nice sale at Joann’s to add some pattern and color to my wardrobe. The fabric above is destined to become three pairs of Sew Ultimate’s Ultimate Trousers (the pattern … and the Instagram post that made me buy it – I also bought that fabric at the same time). The navy blue and pink piece on the right was less than $10 and will be my (hopefully) wearable muslin.

Finished! (almost!!) … and for sure by the time I see you back here again. all that’s left now is the collar, two sleeve seams, a few ends and a good blocking.

And that seems like the perfect happy note to close this post.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

9 thoughts on “TGIF.

  1. hosting is a lot of work. I go in waves on how I feel about my blog posting and my ‘schedule’ and feel at times I want to do less, but I only babysit during the school year and I’ll have oodles of time in the summer. The babysitting will end one day when she is in school full time! So I keep on keeping on!

  2. I was thinking about book bingo the other day because the Seattle Arts group does one and I got an email to say the cards are coming out next month. It has been fun but I know it is so much work so I will support whatever you choose to do.
    On my way to do some closet decluttering this afternoon. Cannot wait to rotate in some spring clothes.

  3. I support whatever decision you make Mary! I can’t wait to see you model that sweater…it’s lovely! Here’s to the weekend my friend.

  4. I love that blue print and wish I had the ability to make myself some trousers — what fun they would be!

    Enjoy your weekend. Looking forward to seeing a finished sweater next week!

  5. I know those fabrics are beautiful, and the same with your lovely spring sweater, but I’m not quite sure about Book Bingo. it was a brilliant, inspired idea, and I loved playing for four years, but I don’t enjoy trying to fit books into boxes any more. Because ultimately, I’m going to read what I want to read and life is just too short for me to not do that. I’m going to mull it over some more, but I don’t think I’ll be playing this summer no matter what you decide to do about hosting. (Possibly more time to knit, sew, and read!)

  6. For everything, there is a season . . .

    That pink is just lovely — so spring-like and gentle. (And it will look GREAT with your new hair!!!) I think the floral print will be just perfect for those trousers. (And the best thing about sewing . . . is you can make great looking clothes on the super-cheap.)

  7. I’m with Bonny on the Book Bingo part. I didn’t participate last year and enjoyed my reading much more. Fitting into boxes doesn’t work for me and some made it seem like it was a contest (which is not the point…at least for me). Your new fabrics are wonderful! You will be looking fabulous Mary!!!

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