Looking Back | January and February.

Here we are, barely 64 days into this new year … and January 1 already seems like ages ago. I’m switching things up a bit this year with my daily photos, using Flickr and a mosaic maker instead of apps on my phone and iPad. It’s a little easier and it makes me feel better about paying $5.99 a month for Flickr*.

Here’s January

and February

amaryllis, daffodils and cherry blossoms … lots of knitting … a little bit of Holly … a few people (me included!) … and even a little sunshine.

I’ve started two new habits this year – eating breakfast (see January 2, 3 and 10) and using my calendar for more than just appointments (January 11). 10 weeks in, I’m feeling confident I can stick with both. breakfast because it really does make me feel better and I think I’m eating healthier overall because I’m snacking less in the afternoons. and the calendar because it makes me happy. Here’s a look at last week, all finished.

A few folks have asked about it, so here’s how it works for me:

I use the calendar on my phone to make appointments for anything beyond the current week. On Monday morning, I transfer that week’s appointments to this paper calendar. The paper calendar is the only one I use for the current week. (by the way, it’s this calendar). I love filling in the page with the details around my days … and flipping back to see nine of them covered in words and images! I’m using the untimed box at the top to record breakfast and the one at the bottom for a bit of “praying in color” (each morning, I close out my journaling time with a single word and colored pencils). The bottom two timed rows – since nothing much ever happens around here after dinner 🙂 are what I’m listening to and reading.

I also have a to-do list (you can see it peeking out on the right hand side), but those I don’t keep. If a to-do takes a lot of time, it will show up on the calendar when I do it.

Clearly this is not a system for anyone with lots of appointments or to-do’s, but for a retired type A, it works. and it’s fun!

64 days into this new year, finding fun in something as mundane as my calendar seems like a good thing! Have you found fun in anyplace unexpected this year?

*I have almost 5,000 photos uploaded there, dating back to 2007 when I got my first digital camera. When Flickr announced their plan to reduce the “free” service to just 1,000 photos, I realized there was no good way for me to get all those photos moved someplace else. So I bit the bullet and reinstated my Pro account. We’ll see what enhancements they end up making … it could end up being a viable long-term option for me to back up and access my photos. I know a few of y’all have been using Flickr Pro for years and I’d certainly welcome any tips/advice you have to share!

edited April 8, 2019 to remove the Flickr links and update the photos.

11 thoughts on “Looking Back | January and February.

  1. So much making!! Great photos to start the year out! And, I love that glimpse into your calendar! Mine is not quite so precise with the details, but yes – the changes I made to what I am doing with my calendar are surprisingly fun and working well for me!

    As for Flickr… when they went to the pay for anything beyond 1k photos, I downloaded all of mine and departed their platform. I am still trying to figure out how best to save all those image – and where to do that.

  2. I’ve used flickr pro for ages. I’m not active there but I like it for how it works and it motivates me to upload my daily photos. Your mosaics look great and I love your calendar!

  3. Loved seeing Holly getting a bath – does she “like” it? The monthly photo calendar does indeed give a wonderful look back at the “days of our lives.” Congrats on your breakfasts…I think you’ve just about made it to the “habit” stage! And it’s so good for you! Thanks for sharing the calendar …you’ve jumpstarted a seed …I’ll have to share once I’ve given a bit more thought.

  4. I began tracking my time (though not on paper) like this for work, down to each 15-minute increment. When I was in Madison, I even color-coded it! It’s strange to look back now and see every single activity I was doing two years ago to the day but it’s something I’m glad I’ve done, and it made more time efficient.

    I don’t track my non-work time that way but I definitely am mindful of how long I’ve been doing any one thing… it’s a mindset!

  5. I like your calendar approach and will maybe use some of your ideas. I’m finding out what works for me with a slightly different Traveler’s Notebook, and I think I’m comfortable with it for keeping track of what I need to do in the future. I like the way you can look back and see what you’ve done. John’s grandmother kept diaries with very short entries for most of her life and they are fascinating to read. I’d like to incorporate some of those aspects!

  6. I love your calendar. I used to do a daily calendar/entry thing years ago and wish I’d kept it up. So fun to take a look back. And your breakfasts seem like you lean a little like me…a little crunch is good!

  7. I used to be very much a paper calendar person, but my husband has gotten me mostly digital (because we share a family calendar). I still have a paper calendar at work so I can get a sense of the month as a whole, and I still very much like crossing things off a to-do list!

    It’s nice to see the two months so succinctly, especially with all the flowers blooming!

  8. Always enjoy your monthly summaries Mary and this is no exception. As Dee said, lots of color there! Looks like an excellent start to 2019!!

  9. The Flickr platform has been easy to use and I’ve added all my photos since 2007, too. I’ve used it for Ravelry since its inception and I didn’t want to change because what would be better? I love your calendar system. I use something similar and love writing things down, not just the digital approach. I love fancying up the page (I use washi) and making each month different. I enjoy looking back at your last two months and seeing you, the boys and Holly interspersed with the colors of your life.

  10. I’d used Flickr for a long time, including several years at the Pro level, but not so much in recent years and… well, I balked at one.more.subscription! Poor Flickr, it was the straw that broke my camel’s back! A lot of the old photos were tied to Ravelry projects, but Casey had a plan for that (which seems to have worked), and some were linked to blog posts (so there are likely some very bad looking pages in the archives). For better or worse, I downloaded everything and deleted my account. I can go with the flow, but only so far… definitely not a fan of sudden sweeping changes such as this.

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