TGIF | Hello March.

It felt good to flip the page on my calendar this morning to see which photo would grace my desk for the next 31 days. Nothing like two of my favorite guys in coordinating plaid to make me smile! Also, a month that begins on a Friday, my favorite day of the week, just seems auspicious (never mind that February did, too!)

Reflecting on the post I wrote for February’s Hope check-in, I realized I wanted something a little different for March. The actions I took in February were reactions … to discomfort, stress, everyday things. This month, I’m choosing a proactive approach – inspired by these words from Nelson Mandela

May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.

This month, I’m choosing to:

Try new things. Chia pudding (Lauren sent me the recipe in January, I bought the seeds in February … and I’m gonna do it this month!). Instagram stories (I’m still not quite sure what they are and when to use them, let alone how to post them, but I see they are powerful – and fun – and I want to figure it out and get on board). and I’m sure I’ll find a few more!

Greet the time change with an open heart. I whine about this Spring Forward thing every year, but this year, I think I’m ready to reset my internal clock. I’ve been waking up well before 5 and falling asleep (often well) before 9. My plan is to see what it might be like to wake up around 6 and go to bed around 10. It seems a little crazy – even as I type this – because I’ve come to love those dark early hours … but I know I love the evening light, too.

Invite stillness. I haven’t shared much here about the Enneagram work I embarked on (along with my Friday morning group) last month, but it’s been a game changer. and bottom line, for my type, engaging prayer with stillness is a key to spiritual growth. The other two aspects are solitude and silence, and I’m way more comfortable with both of them … which is probably the point. so … stillness.

Figure out my making plans. This is a little about knitting, but mostly about sewing. and about sewing and fitting skills. I’ve had pretty good success sewing simple tops/dresses. bottoms are another story. I bought an online class to make pants that fit, even with a zipper. and then there are buttonholes and a host of other things that make up well-rounded wardrobe (and let’s not even talk about this #lifegoals!). I’m still enamored by @mybodymodel (honestly also a little intimidated by, too). “figure out” might be a stretch … “figure out a place to start” might be better.

I’m also still working through Layla Saad’s material. The 28-day workbook ended yesterday so I’m now navigating new territory on my own. I took an online class with her yesterday that included a number of concrete action items covering (self) education, introspection and action. I’m not sure where all this is taking me … but I feel confident that trying new things, greeting change with an open heart and getting into a better prayer practice will help.

Here’s to a month of hope (not fear)!

…and here’s to Friday – have a wonderful weekend, my friends.

14 thoughts on “TGIF | Hello March.

  1. I am on the wait list for the Enneargram book you recommended, but my plan is to visit B&N this weekend and see what I can pick up there!!

    Okay, full stop… that blazer. Wow! Just wow! And, WAY beyond my current capabilities! Heck, pants are even in that category!

  2. Exciting stuff, Mary! (I made all kinds of tailored garments in my earlier days — 4H, home ec, early career — and I’m . . . glad to be done with all that. Will watch your progress with interest!) Have a splendid weekend. XO

  3. I’m usually not a fan of losing an hour of sleep with the time change, but I do really like the changes in daylight that follow it.

    That Mandela quote is so perfect!

  4. I love that blazer! I used to make so many clothes for myself! During the summer of 1972 I made most of my college wardrobe, including two lined wool blazers, one navy & one gray. I loved those blazers & wore them for years. I hope you have a great weekend…a good start for the new month!

  5. Wonderful quote, I guess I should apply it, too. Yours sounds like a lovely month to come, I hope you’ll enjoy it.
    I was wondering though, what is the difference between ‘silence’ and ‘stilness’ ? ( English isn’t my native language… )

  6. The change to DST is a happy one for me. I not only love the extra hour at the end of the day, but I love the season it heralds in. In the 70s and 80s I made most of my clothing, but have lost all interesting in sewing (unless by hand). I LOVE watching as you learn and create. You have a curiosity, a style and a drive that is a joy to see. I learn so much from you, just by reading your words and seeing your actions.

  7. Looks like you’ve got some good March days ahead…I’ll look forward to your sharing as the month rolls along. Glad you mentioned the Enneagram…I forgot to retake …on my list. I’m not so sure I’m ready for DST…but, since I can’t do anything about it, might as well join…

  8. well this is take two – I didn’t do it right the first time : I love the newness of the beginning of the month. I’ve been thinking about lent starting this week and how I want to spend the weeks ahead. We are getting a ton of snow right now and I’m thrilled with my views.

  9. New projects, new plans, and a new month. Sounds good!! You will be busy, but you sound excited about it all. Love the quote from Mandela.

  10. With the exception of the first couple of mornings I’m all in for DST. And as Margene said I love watching you learn and create too. You bring lots of inspiration my way Mary!

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