I wrote a check last week and on Wednesday, the woman who was processing it asked if I’d really meant to date it March 8, instead of February 8 (she was very kind and offered to wait to deposit it). I checked the calendar. No, it was just my mistake – but whoa, now I feel like I’ve gained four weeks back! Happy Friday y’all!

Totally loving this whole going gray with short hair thing. I had my fourth “no color” hair appointment this week. Short hair is super easy and quick! oh my goodness y’all – I had no idea how much time and energy I was putting into my hair. and maybe it’s because everyone is being supportive (and I love y’all for it – thank you!), but I haven’t had this many compliments about my hair ever. ever! Also … trying out new specs.

Grateful for Kym‘s recommendation that I watch season two of The Good Place. I watched season one (with Sara … when she moved to NYC in late 2017?) and couldn’t imagine how they would even do another season. Kym assured me they could and that it was good. She was right. I watched it (all. yes. all) on Wednesday while I knitted on my secret project.

Inspired by Presbyterian Women. We have a Celebrate the Gifts of Women Service every year, usually on the first Sunday of March. In our church, this means a worship service completely led by women … greeters, ushers, liturgists, sermon, music. everything. all women. The national PW organization always publishes a suggestion for the service in the November/December issue of the national magazine. This year’s theme is “The Grace of God Has No Boundaries”. We are honoring women who exhibit that kind of grace. I am blessed to know many.

I’ve been working this week on the bulletin insert for the service. The insert is usually geared toward getting women to join a PW Circle. But this year we’re also going to incorporate ideas to help everyone get more comfortable with “crossing boundaries”.

Jana Childers wrote this year’s suggested service. She included these words in her introduction and I’ve been copying and pasting them into notes and emails for weeks.

These days we celebrate God’s grace blowing through the structures that once held back women’s leadership or opposed children’s rights or delayed justice for victims of domestic violence. We are happy about this grace. But when the time comes for us to see God’s grace extend across a boundary that has comforted or advantaged us, it can feel like a whole new thing, and it can feel risky enough that we might think twice about being part of it … Extending the hand of grace across all kinds of divides is what the people of God do. It is God’s own work so often done by his daughters and always blessed by God’s love.

I promise I’ll share our insert. I have high expectations that with the input of many more graceful women (wise PW circle members, an Associate Pastor and our church’s Communications Director), it will be wonderful.

FOMO … (and now completely switching gears!) Katie is in NYC this weekend – with Sara!

Also – the cherry trees (you didn’t think I’d forget, did you?!)Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

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  1. Love the new glasses! And, you do wear that hair so very well! And, how timely is your share from PW?! Wow – that strikes a chord with me this morning! Thank you for sharing! And, how fun for Katie and Sarah!!

  2. Your new specs look great! And your hair – love! Looks like great weather in NYC for the girls. Do the have any special plans? An exhibit or show?

  3. Your hair really does look great! You are one of those lucky women who can pull off short hair — I really wish I could, because it would be so much less work!

  4. I love this picture of you! And I’m thrilled that you are loving the grey hair. I’m embracing mine, too, but it’s a mix and the greys almost look like highlights. I’m glad I have stuck to my plan and haven’t colored it so I don’t have to do the growing out thing. Happy Weekend, Mary!

  5. The new specs go great with your short hair.

    I have always had short hair, but decided to try growing it out. That didn’t last long. Thursday I lopped it all back off again and I am much happier.

  6. Your new look is just beautiful! The hair, the glasses, each are elegant, which is a look you wear well. The Good Place is silly fun! We laugh and laugh, it’s the only sitcom we’ve really enjoyed.The cherry blossoms just fill my soul. We have another round of white icing on trees and lawns, plus we have bitter cold on the way. 😦 My saving grace is that winters days are numbered. 🙂 xox

  7. Looking good! (And I hope feeling good with your new look.) I watched a couple episodes of The Good Place but didn’t like it at all. With Kym’s recommendation, Margene’s enjoyment, and you watching a whole season in one day, I clearly need to give it another try!

  8. You are rocking that hair Mary! And I think the glasses are great too. I think I’ll check The Good Place out this afternoon while I relax. Happy Sunday to you.

  9. your hair looks lovely and I’m glad you like being free! We are watching season two of the good place and LOVE it. I giggle every time they say fork and shirt. I am 14 yo on the inside!! I’m hoping season three is on hulu and I can zip through till I’m caught up.

  10. Your hair looks FAB, Mary!!! (The glasses are great, too.) I have never regretted just letting my hair go. So free; so easy! The Good Place is the easiest binge ever — silly, unexpected, and super short episodes. Glad you liked it! (We haven’t watched Season 3 yet, but friends tell me it just keeps getting better and better. . . ) XO

  11. Looking forward to your update on the PW Service…
    T’is always a good thing when we can save time and energy with everyday things – like messing around with hair! Continue to enjoy your new look, locks … and freedom!

    Tho’t I’d commented on this last week…

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