TGIF | Blue Sky Blooms!

Wow, what a difference a week makes! I promised y’all blooms this month … and couldn’t be more delighted to deliver on that promise so quickly. Here’s a close-up.

and one for Kym (this isn’t my yard … but I am delighted every time I see one, too!)

Happy Friday!

Thinking about spring knitting. I know. I’ve been thinking about it all week. First up is a sample knit that I can’t share here. But next, I think it’s going to be this. in a light pink cotton/silk blend.

Getting back into podcasts. I’m enjoying On Being, The Daily and The Argument. and look forward to trying out The Enneagram Journey once I learn a little more about my type.

Inspired by this blog post to try sketching my planned makes. Do any of y’all do this?

Finally finished the knitting! I still have to seam the pockets, weave in all the ends and wash/dry … but it’s close! and yep, there’s another project on my needles already 🙂 

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.


14 thoughts on “TGIF | Blue Sky Blooms!

  1. Beautiful sky! We are getting round two of snow. Just a little over an hour and it looks like we will be snowbound this weekend. Thank goodness for an early dismissal so we didn’t get stuck at school! Should be some serious knitting ahead.

  2. Wow! Those blooms! Amazing. We’ve a way to go before we see such…the sweater is lovely; I really like the style and I’m looking forward to seeing you in it! I did the enneagram years ago…don’t recall my “score/type.”
    Enjoy your weekend and #blueskyblooms!


  3. Winter is returning here, so we won’t see blossoms like that for several months, but I’m glad that you’ve got them! Portage looks great!

  4. Oh no! It’s my nemesis …..the evil DANDELION!!!! LOL

    I have fought the good battle and lost on numerous occasions.

  5. I’m so jealous of those gorgeous blooms! It was mild-ish here yesterday with temps in the upper 40s but today it’s 23° and windy. That’s February in Massachusetts for ya. The sweater is so beautiful, Mary!

  6. Those trees… oh my! What a riot of color and blossoms! And, my body model… what?? Hmmm, that is really intriguing!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. There’s a very elegant garment! I love grey and the texture of the collar. How intriguing the way it links to the pockets. Your blossom and skies are very uplifting – we have had solid cloud for a week, and are forecast more heavy snow showers tomorrow. Longing for Spring!

  8. We had blue skies and warmth earlier in the week but no blooms. Probably no blooms for several more weeks. Yesterday our temps dipped back down to our normal freezing February weather.
    Love your cardigan!

  9. My world is white and I can’t wait to see pink blossoms on the trees around here. Thank you for the colorful respite!! Sara will be thrilled with her new sweater!!

  10. thank you for the flowers! Love your sweater and it’s gray beauty. I’ve been trying to sketch daily and it’s fun. I am trying not to be rigid with every single day and that helps.

  11. I’m grateful for anytime there is a blue sky-the gray of today was such a downer. Remind me of this when I’m complaining about the heat!

  12. Gorgeous flowers, gorgeous sweater! I’m still finding joy in the amaryllis. One of them is on round three of a 4 flower bloom. Pretty spectacular stuff! I hear winter is making it’s way back here tomorrow. No complaints though…it’s been an easy one for sure!

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