Unraveled Wednesday | Rainy Blooms.

I will spare y’all a picture of the endless gray garter stitch* to share two photos from this morning’s walk.

I figure blooms, even rain-washed ones, are a most welcome sight these days!

Joining in with Kat and friends. Happy Wednesday!

*I think I have just two more rows before I start the pockets, so the end is definitely in sight!

14 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday | Rainy Blooms.

  1. Just beautiful! I’m impressed with how early you’ve got daffodils blooming in GA. We won’t see them until March-April, so thanks for sharing these. If anything, they may be even prettier when rain-washed!

  2. We are having monsoon-like rains here all day – so sadly no outside walks for me today! But, I am making making progress with my KSH shawl-of-many-colors!

  3. So nice to see blooms! Thanks for sharing…it will be some time before anything is blooming here (though the Iris leaves are up).

  4. It’s so nice to see some spring flowers blooming! When we had the start of our warm weather last weekend and all the snow was starting to melt, I did see some of our hyacinths starting to poke up through the ground, but I fear it will be a while before we see any flowers.

  5. Flowers with raindrops are a sight for my winter eyes. Snow fell here all day and it is cold. I went out to a yoga class but not for a walk.

  6. You’re months and months ahead of us, so I am enjoying seeing your love blooms, Mary. (And the raindrops just enhance them!) XO

  7. The flowers are gorgeous, I saw lots of lovely sprint blossoms this weekend. Am hoping we don’t get some killer frost that takes everything out.

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