Sometimes Mondays.

…look like sweaters in progress. along with fancy coffee drinks or tea, and a couple of hours of good girl talk.

Apparently, the photo op was also a welcome opportunity to put the knitting down for bit. you know, to take off your glasses, tidy up your space, or look up something on Ravelry 🙂

It’s been a while since I shared what our Monday afternoon knitting group is working on, and I’m sure this is the first time seven of us have been knitting sweaters!

That’s my Portage (for Sara) at the bottom, about 2″ into the garter stitch slog otherwise known as the collar*. Continuing counter-clockwise is Karen’s second (this one is for her sister) Soyokaze in Holst Tides + Titicaca, then Sarah’s Uniform in Brooklyn Tweed Loft, Kathy’s Granito in Woolfolk Sno (gray), Pat’s Jen in Shibui Fern (green), Ethel’s Spor in Woolfolk Tynd (light blue) and Deena’s Soyokaze in Holst Uld + Valley Silk/Alpaca (purple). Marie is the sole non-sweater knitter today with her Bateaux Mouches in Findlay Dappled.

I have high hopes that today will be the last meet-up for Portage (Sara’s traveling this week and I really really want her to have it when she’s back in NYC next week). I also noted that Pat is the only one knitting for spring – that Fern yarn is lovely … 100% cotton in a light sport weight. If it really does get up to 70 degrees this week, I wonder what will happen to those other wooly WIPs!

I must admit, my thoughts are turning to spring and summer knitting, too. I did have another winter sweater (a practical gray/beige cardigan) penciled in next, but our local groundhog says we’re in for an early spring. Not that I’ll let myself get too serious about anything until Portage is done. Wish me luck – and maybe I’ll have a little queue check ready come Wednesday!

*and wonderful knitting for the Super Bowl. I finished picking up all the stitches just before the game started. Turns out I can knit garter stitch without looking (much) which was perfect for the pre-game show – I LOVED Gladys Knight’s Star Spangled Banner – and the commercials. Did you watch the game or the commercials? what did you knit?

Happy Monday!


16 thoughts on “Sometimes Mondays.

  1. We missed Gladys Knight ; durn it! Watched game + commercials; didn’t knit. Wasn’t at all impressed with the game; the commercials…so-so. May’ve been my last superbowl.
    Your friends’ knitting is fun to see all displayed on the table! I’m sure you’ll have Portage finished for Sara. Knit on!

  2. I love this photo of all those soon-to-be fabulous sweaters! I did not knit during the game , too busy with prepping and serving food and drinks, I guess, and also too tense. The game was rather dull but I’m happy about the outcome. The Washington Post and Stella commercials were my favorites.

  3. Keep going on that lovely Portage! We’re flirting with mid-50s tomorrow, but back to snow/snow showers almost every day next week. Winter is still here and Sara will need a warm sweater when she returns!

  4. Love seeing all the beautiful projects. I just know you will finish Portage in time.

    No Super Ball watching for us, but we did watch Victoria and I knit on the Sockhead cowl.

  5. I think my favorite commercials were the one for NFL 100 and the one for Bud Light with the barrel of corn syrup.

    I was knitting on my Sunday Swing Socks.

  6. I would like to curl up on that table with all those lovely WIPs!

    The collar of the sweater may be a slog, but it’s going to be so worth it. I have a cardigan with a big garter stitch collar and it is the coziest thing ever.

  7. We are having the most wonderful heat wave but still I knit on with wool. It is year round favorite. What lovely and diverse projects though! Sips and knits are the best!

  8. That early spring idea sounds lovely – as I sit here contemplating what to knit on this second snow day. I have two sweaters, one that I might be able to finish today so I think I will start with that.

  9. Sara will still need a warm sweater and she’s going to love having Portage to wear! What game? I hardly new there was football anywhere and didn’t know who NE was playing. We enjoyed a Netflix binge of Grace and Frankie (although that may have been the last time).

  10. I didn’t knit one stitch during the game. I don’t think I knit a stitch all weekend! I cannot wait to see the finished Portage and am doing everything in my power to resist knitting it! We’ve got beautiful balmy weather here today too…what a wonderful treat!

  11. Hmmmm. Didn’t watch the game. But I did look up Gladys Knight’s Star Bangled Banner rendition on YouTube. Amazing! She’s just awesome. Your sweater looks great — and so close to the finish line that I’m sure you’ll git-r-dun, Mary. XO

  12. It’s always a delight to visit and see all the pretty knitting on the table. I haven’t turned to spring knitting thinking yet but today was 60 degrees and felt delightful!

  13. Love all the wooly goodness. Hope to be able to come next week. I totally missed the SSB, and have been meaning to look it up. She is quite the singer.

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