Unraveled Wednesday | Thoughts of Spring.

Y’all – this happened this afternoon!! yes … my sample is now on its way to Oregon. and I am back to deadline-free knitting. I do still have three prayer shawls to complete by the end of April … but I’m not even letting myself think about them right now. also, they’re crocheted, so that statement about the knitting is still true 😉 I spent a few minutes on Ravelry just now. long enough to hibernate my ADVENTurer (by the way – have you seen Kat’s awesome finish?!) and start a project for Albini …spring is in the air! A … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | Thoughts of Spring.

Hope | February 2019.

What a difference a month makes … five of the flower stalks have bloomed! Sadly, I had to cut back three of those stalks on Monday morning; I walked into my study and their spent blooms were resting on the credenza. But two stalks are still going strong and the last one is about an inch high. I just might get three hope posts from these bulbs! But in other ways, February has been a challenging month for hope. Like showing up for a graduate-level course without any of the pre-requisites. I found courage in scripture For I know the plans … Continue reading Hope | February 2019.

Late February Weekending.

aka Weekending with the Oscars. also – finally! – A Sunday with Sunshine! and oh my goodness, it’s also been a Monday with Sunshine. TWO days in a row. Of course the golf course is closed on Mondays. and I missed knitting with my girls because I found a boo-boo in my sample knit after I blocked it (and therefore had to fix it). but still. I’d rather have bad news on a sunny day. and looking back over the photos I have to share from my weekend still makes me smile. Hoping they’ll do the same for you! We … Continue reading Late February Weekending.

Around Here | February 2019.

I didn’t intend to let almost a whole week go by without visiting this space, but I did. It certainly wasn’t because I was super-busy, or distracted by other things or (sadly) someplace else having fun in the sun. I guess I just needed a break. and I’m so glad I’m at the point in my life where I’m good with that. I thought about y’all a lot this week and drafted a good half dozen posts in my head. But sitting down on Friday afternoon to actually write one turns out to be hard. So I’m going with a … Continue reading Around Here | February 2019.

Sometimes Mondays.

…bring beauty in an unexpected way. Marc gave me a lovely bouquet of pink and white flowers for Valentines Day. I think he was surprised when I told him I didn’t want to throw away these tulips. Instead, I moved them off the counter to make room for the new bouquet. Four days later they’re beautiful in a much different way. I do love a fresh bouquet. but aging tulips make my heart sing. Happy Monday! Continue reading Sometimes Mondays.


I wrote a check last week and on Wednesday, the woman who was processing it asked if I’d really meant to date it March 8, instead of February 8 (she was very kind and offered to wait to deposit it). I checked the calendar. No, it was just my mistake – but whoa, now I feel like I’ve gained four weeks back! Happy Friday y’all! Totally loving this whole going gray with short hair thing. I had my fourth “no color” hair appointment this week. Short hair is super easy and quick! oh my goodness y’all – I had no idea … Continue reading TGIF.

Notes on Hope | Another Word.

I am a big fan of the whole One Little Word idea. Mostly the One Word part of that. the words themselves are anything but Little. I did a lot of work toward the end of 2018 and knew that Hope was going to be my word for 2019. I shared some of that work with y’all on January 1 and felt really good about all of it. So I was completely taken aback when I went to church on that first Sunday of 2019 and learned that we were going to try something new. something called Star Words. During … Continue reading Notes on Hope | Another Word.

Early February Weekending.

Unlike many of our retired empty nester friends (or our favorite Dowager), weekends are still a big deal for us. We make definite plans for Friday and Saturday night meals (usually not featuring leftovers) and TV watching. Marc typically plays golf on Saturday and Sunday, which means we don’t walk together and I have My Time. Then we’ll spend late Saturday and Sunday afternoons together, catching up and watching sports (aka “knitting”). It’s a really nice mix of together and alone time. and I always look forward to it. The Winter Months are a challenge. because golf doesn’t always happen. … Continue reading Early February Weekending.

TGIF | Blue Sky Blooms!

Wow, what a difference a week makes! I promised y’all blooms this month … and couldn’t be more delighted to deliver on that promise so quickly. Here’s a close-up. and one for Kym (this isn’t my yard … but I am delighted every time I see one, too!) Happy Friday! Thinking about spring knitting. I know. I’ve been thinking about it all week. First up is a sample knit that I can’t share here. But next, I think it’s going to be this. in a light pink cotton/silk blend. Getting back into podcasts. I’m enjoying On Being, The Daily and The … Continue reading TGIF | Blue Sky Blooms!