Looking Back | December 2018.

Is it just me, or does December seem like it was a year ago?!twinkle lights :: twinkle lights :: twinkle lights 😉

little boys :: three of us ♥ :: family (who are friends) :: holiday decorations :: knitting :: reading … and the start of this year’s amaryllis watch.

Sometimes I look back at these mosaics and think “oh, it wasn’t really as wet/cold/rainy/ as I remember”. This month, I thought “whoa, it really was wet, cold and rainy!”. Only two (yes, TWO) of those photos were taken outside – those gorgeous camellia blooms on the 22nd and the very foggy lakeview on the 31st.

Much of the knitting that shows up above is the ADVENTurer wrap, which is still, sadly, a WIP (and a long way from being finished). That photo on the 30th reminded me that I never did show y’all my finished holiday knits:clockwise from upper left – socks for the little boys (modeled on the 25th), a scarf with yarn from my MIL’s stash (recipient TBD), a hat for Marc and a cowl for Sara.

While my knitting was a little varied, my reading was not. I’ve been binging through Maisie Dobbs. In December I finished four – and so far this month I’ve finished three more. (which means I have just one to bring me to the end of the line where I’ll be waiting along with everyone else for the next book). I enjoyed them all and will probably put off that last one until I hear a firm date announced for the next one.

For once, the 1SE video I shared on Instagram doesn’t share a much different story. (except for that bit from the “old” Miracle on 34th Street which is one of my favorite scenes).

…and again, I’m struck by how much I love both these memory keeping/story telling formats.

Thank you for being a part of my story.

Happy Tuesday!

11 thoughts on “Looking Back | December 2018.

  1. I love Marc’s hat. So simple and classic!

    How do you do those mosaic photos? Is it a special app or something for your computer?

  2. December and the beginning of January was a blur, so it all seems like long ago to me. What a pleasure to catch up on all your photos and lovely holiday FOs!

  3. December does seem like a long time ago and January feels like it’s dragging. Your mosaic is beautiful, I love that you have quite a few photos featuring reading! And the video is always fun, love those little boy shouts of joy!

  4. It’s really something to see snapshots of an entire month in one image. It’s clear that it was a month filled with a lot of joy!

  5. Monthly “reviews” (pictures and words) are such a great way to keep things in perspective — and preserve your memories. Thanks for sharing, Mary. XO

  6. Both of these practices have sort of fallen by the wayside for me and I love how your images are ones you might not have shared on any media before. Perhaps I need to begin this again in February – perhaps a shorter month will inspire me!

  7. I always enjoy these months in review. Great pictures (sorry only 2 were outside…and that last looks COLD). Marc’s hat is great and I love Sara’s cowl – looking especially soft!

  8. Fun to see th progression of the amaryllis through the month…bloomed yet? And looking back always stirs great memories ! Aren’t you glad we do this?!

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