Amaryllis Watch 2019 | Week Six.

When I snagged that frozen pond photo for yesterday’s post, I noticed that last year’s amaryllis were way ahead of this year’s. Week six last year I had two stalks well above their copper stakes and one just about there. This year, I have one stalk barely above the stake … and the other two bulbs lagging behind. sigh. I’m wondering if I’ll see any blooms this month?!

Also, I noticed that my Looking Back post for December was on January 5 – y’all it’s January 8 and I don’t have plans to even make the collage until this weekend. sigh.

Nevertheless – 2019 feels like it’s off to a positive start:

  • I am 8:8 on breakfasts!
  • Marc is playing golf today.
  • I finished two books and rated (or will rate as soon as I get to it!) them both 4 stars.
  • I think I’m going to have enough yarn to finish Coatigan. AND
  • We have tickets for Infinite Mirrors tomorrow (we being me, my mom, Karen and Lydia – thanks to Karen who stalked the High Museum website when they released the tickets!).

I’ll be back here Thursday … with Three Things!



14 thoughts on “Amaryllis Watch 2019 | Week Six.

  1. Patience!! (Bonny’s word). Come February which can be so dreary (or before), you will have some glorious blooms. Your plans for tomorrow sound lovely – enjoy!

  2. Sometimes we just have to take things as they come and celebrate the LITTLE successes as much as the big ones.

  3. Maybe you won’t have amaryllis blossoms this month, but think how welcome they will be in the cold, gray days of February!

  4. My amaryllis are green and looking healthy, but they are not budging!! It’s pretty chilly in the room where I keep them, so I expect them to be a little slow… but it might be March before I see any blooms!! 😉

    Good for you re: breakfast! I’m not so great at breakfast, which has everything to do with a very busy early early morning and work. Lunch is sometimes a struggle. 😉

  5. My amaryllises are way behind too, but I tend to enjoy them more when they do come out in late winter. Casual 2019, casual starts.
    Breakfasts are casual around here too, overnight oatmeal is the easiest!

  6. Maybe amaryllis around the US are just slow this year as mine are about where yours are. Or maybe we’re all anxious to see what the beautiful plants hold for us this year after years of watching the beauties bloom.

  7. Looking forward to seeing your amaryllis and reading more about your afternoon treat! Congrats on 8 for 8! You go girl!


  8. My amaryllis are both doing very well, so I don’t know if its the sunlight or what so I’m keeping an eye on both in case I have to rotate them. I do need more copper stakes though.

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