Amaryllis Watch 2019.

Amaryllis Watch 2019 is now in week 3 and there is finally something to see besides a pretty pot and moss … indeed, all three bulbs have sprouted!
I’m sure the abundant sunshine – seems like forever since we’ve had TWO days of blue skies in a row! – has helped. It’s most definitely improved my state of mind 🙂

My goal is to have blooms toward the end of January and I think we’re on track.

Same as always, I love waterlogue-ing these photos … and this week, it’s all about those two birds.

Meanwhile, can you believe Christmas is only a week away?!? Happy Tuesday!!

* my mom gifted these to each of us again this year. Jackson & Perkins hasn’t let us down yet!


10 thoughts on “Amaryllis Watch 2019.

  1. January might be the BEST time for them to bloom. Gives you something to look forward to when the holidays are all over and our houses need a little “pick me up”.

  2. There is good promise in that photo! But, I love the waterlogue!

    And, we had some peeks at the sun as well over the past couple of days! I was so thankful to see it along with the blue skies!

  3. My 3 amaryllis bulbs are still hanging out in my cold mudroom, I’m trying to delay their bloom time until January or even February. I think yours are on track for a January bloom!

  4. I’m hoping for January blooms, too! I am with you on the sunshine… it’s amazing what that does for a person’s mood.

  5. I love having my amaryllis bloom in January and February-the most dreary of months! Your elegant waterlogued version is always fun to see! Yay! for amaryllis watching everywhere!

  6. Oh, the sunshine is such a game-changer, isn’t it? We’re all in SHOCK here . . . because we’ve had sunshine for several days in a row!!! This never, ever happens in western Michigan in the winter. Ever. It’s been so glorious! Enjoy your amaryllis progress! XO

  7. The fun begins!! I love seeing everyone’s bulbs beginning to grow.

    Yes to the SUN – we have it today and it is cold, but beautiful out.

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