Cheers | Apple Cider Mule.

Two weekends ago, when Marc’s nephew (Ross) was here, I mixed up a batch of Fall Classics, substituting an intense apple spice syrup* for the thyme. I liked this version better and Ross asked for (and has since made) the recipe. Success!

And then I had the happy problem of leftovers – apple spice syrup, lemons and apple cider. I started experimenting with all sorts of mixes and last weekend settled on my favorite. I gave it one last test with Karen and Lydia and they agreed it’s ready for prime time. … and perfect for a pre-Thanksgiving Cheers!

Apple Cider Mule

2 oz gin (or bourbon, or even vodka)
2 oz apple cider
1/4 oz lemon juice
1/4 oz apple spice syrup

Mix well (I used the shaker), serve over ice in a high ball glasss. Top with ginger beer (or ginger ale).

*For the apple spice syrup, add 1/8 C sugar, 2 T mulling spices, 1/2 an apple very thinly sliced to 1 C water in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir until the sugar dissolves then turn off the heat. Let the mixture cool and steep (several hours if you have that much time). Strain (save the spices and apples – you can add water back to the pan and simmer to infuse your kitchen with wonderful smells) and chill. The syrup keeps for weeks. And – it’s also really tasty in a glass of Prosecco … in other words, it never lasts long enough in my refrigerator to go bad.

Cheers to the weekend, my friends! Stay WARM!

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  1. I may need this tonight! I’m heading home to NJ tonight and will have to shovel 8″ or so there. I think if I prepare the apple spice syrup first and then let it steep while I shovel, that will be just long enough to reward myself with an apple cider mule. Thanks!

  2. I am FINALLY getting a chance to read all the blogs. The cocktail was fantastic and inspiring. Looking forward to what we have planning to close out the year and hopefully we can do get together for some sewing and knitting!

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