Looking Back | October.

These Looking Back posts are some of my favorites to write (and later to read). The hardest part is compiling the mosaic – I’ve been taking daily photos for years now, but I don’t pull them together until the end of the month – and that pulling together process can take a while. not because it’s hard or time-consuming, but because I enjoy revisiting the whole month. Once I have my Daily Photos compiled, I go back and delete … and this month, I still have 182. About a third of those are from the last leg of our Danube adventure and I think I might be close to being ready to start telling you about that! (soon, I promise!)

September ended in Austria and October began there. We moved quickly to Germany and then (in the longest day of my life) came home. to a weekend with the little boys. I saw them three more times last month and can only hope November offers that many opportunities. The rest of my days were full of a more normal life – knitting, walks, pilates!, family and friends.

Speaking of knitting, I finished four projects last month. The socks were for Sara’s birthday, that sweet little cardigan for a friend of Katie’s first baby and the cowl (and another Esmé tunic) for me. I know – that’s only three FO’s. The fourth is Calyx. I’ve already worn it (three times!), but I really want to get some good photos before I share it with y’all.

I also got myself back into a pilates routine. Thanks to Robin’s challenge, I did seven days in a row … and I’ve just kept going. Only day one (October 15) made the mosaic, but I shared all seven on Instagram.

I do love how photos tell a story … but I’ve also embraced the 1 Second Everyday approach. A second (or a second and a half) of video captures movement and sounds that a still photo just can’t. I shared these 50 seconds on Instagram this morning

…and now I find I don’t know how to close this post. It has been a most pleasant distraction as the evening news hour begins. Alexa is playing Vivaldi (if I don’t choose silence for blog posts, I choose classical), Holly needs to go out before it gets dark (I love the earlier sunrises, but yikes, I can’t get used to the Early Sunsets) … and I refuse to turn on the TV. So let me just say – Be Kind. tomorrow. everyday.

xo – M.

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  1. Enjoyed both the collage and the 1SE…and of course, your prose. TV’s on here…I escaped and came into my craft room…but I can hear it…Sunset here after a day of rain — spectacular…stay tuned. Enjoy your evening.

  2. This was an interesting stream-of-consciousness post! I do love all the photos – socks, crocheted shawls, and sweet little boys. Hope you have a peaceful evening and maybe you can face election results in the morning.

  3. I love the photos of you doing pilates, what a great thing. And your photo mosaic is wonderful as always. I’m going to try really hard to remember to be kind today, especially in light of some of the truly stupid things I’m seeing on social media already.

  4. Such a joy to see your month day by day and your one second videos are enjoyable, too. My body is slowly changing its rhythms (as is Mylo’s) but it was a shock to see how much light was in the sky this morning. I love seeing your little boys playing in the yard (a little cold for that here) and all the beautiful things you make. Looking forward to your more of your travelogue.

  5. I love your mosaic as well! I’m saving the 1 sec to watch on IG. 🙂 And the darkness…it’s a rough time for Boone and me when I get home from work. I try to find some 15-20 minute route that I won’t kill myself on and be safe. Bring on the Solstice!

  6. Your October was full of the best things! Your knitting always captures my eye and inspires me. And good for you making Pilates a regular thing. 🙂

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