Be Kind.

from yesterday morning’s walk – a local scout has installed flags for every veteran in our neighborhood

I traded emails last week with a friend who said she hoped we could Make America Kind Again. That phrase resonated with me. I shared it Friday morning with my small group (amidst lively and often upsetting discussion about having an armed guard on site for Sunday worship this month and next and the beginning of Anne Lamott’s latest book) and it resonated with them too. One of our members told us about a very cool local t-shirt project (created to help a teenager on the autism spectrum learn important job skills) that puts the “Be Kind to Everyone” message front and center.

Then yesterday, I read a column in the Washington Post (“Don’t be insufferable Nov. 7 no matter the outcome“) written by Donna Cameron. She has also written a book about kindness, A Year of Living Kindly: Choices That Will Change Your Life and the World Around You.  I’m going to suggest it to my small group.

Be Kind to Everyone. Live Kindly.

xo, M.

11 thoughts on “Be Kind.

  1. I feel like the ones that need to hear this are not listening, sadly. Kindness is a two-way street – and while I am not saying that it is okay to not be kind (it is NOT!) It at times can be a challenge by those who are not kind.

  2. I agree with you, we need practice kindness. Although it may be difficult to practice at times, I think it makes a difference to attentively listen and be able to express a differing opinion in a manner that is kind and does not belittle or put-down the other person. Thank you, Mary!

  3. I think Kat (first comment) summed up my feelings exactly.

    Those of us that are kind (at least MOST of the time) probably won’t learn a whole lot from that book. The ones that really could use the advice won’t be the ones reading it.

    I guess it is a case of “preaching to the choir”.

    However, I think almost ALL of us could be even kinder than we are.

  4. If I promise not to gloat on Wednesday can I still hope for the outcome I want?!? Kind is my word for 2018 and it’s been a struggle, I tell ya.

  5. Thank you for this Mary. I choose to be kind even when I don’t see enough kindness in our world. But my actions are the only ones I can control so I will continue to choose kindness and pray that it might make a difference.

  6. I’m happy to be kinder, but it will be easier to live kindly if we all try it. I had some difficulty two years ago when I greeted family members with kindness and I was still treated poorly despite the fact that their candidate had won. Kindness is important, civil discussion where both sides listen are important; what I really want to get rid of is political lying and those who believe it. I can dream!

  7. The world could use a few more folks like Jordyn – that’s for sure! I’ve been working hard on my kindness skills this year…except when I’m alone and talking to the television! 🙂

  8. Thank you for the reminder. We never know what is going on in the lives of people we meet, either people we know or don’t know. Practice love and non-violence is something I have heard often through the years. xo

  9. Kindness and hope, two things I have struggled with for a while now. I try hard to be kind in my travels each day but sometimes (too often) I’m just staggered by the hatefulness I encounter. Not going to give up, though.

  10. I so agree – be kind. I was thinking about my little town and how friendly everyone is and there is always a smile to be seen. So nice and I appreciate it! (and I smile back!)

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