Three on Thursday | Hello November.

from this morning’s walk – not all that early, but sunrise is nearly 8am these days and the streetlights were still lit

Hello November! It’s been a while since I said “hello” to a new month from this most comfortable perch at my kitchen counter (and with both feet resting on the rungs of the stool 😉 ). There’s just something about November that makes me glad to be home. I find that when I focus my attention on home, family and friends – I can see light shining in even the darkest places. It gives me hope. It feeds my soul. It gives me courage. and for all of this I am so very grateful.

I need – and I’m sure y’all do too – massive doses of ALL of those to just keep going most days. But it’s Thursday. and I’m finding that simple = better … so here are three things I’m doing this month to make sure home, family and friends are foremost:

Getting back to “real meals” with Marc. yep, even planning and cooking. or maybe I should say “mostly” planning and cooking since that’s really what we’ve not been doing these past few months (if you’re imagining that Snacks have become our staple, you’d be right).

Cultivating gratitude. I have a long-standing daily practice of listing five things for which I’m grateful. Hot coffee makes a frequent appearance on that list. (I wish “a good night’s sleep” did too.) This month, I want to find it in new places … or the most familiar ones. I’ve signed up for Michelle’s (free!) Gratitude Week – it starts Monday. I know it will be good!

Making alone time. I am an introvert (which means I get energy from alone time, not time with others) … and as much as I love spending time with all those family and friends, I need time by myself to be my best self. When my schedule gets crazy – like it did this week – that alone time is the first thing I give up. Houseguests, birthdays, anniversaries, and of course Thanksgiving! are best shared with others. Alone time is key….

How about you? Introvert/Extrovert? a tip to deal with this season?

Thank you Carole for hosting us!


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  1. I did not know you are an introvert. I’ve been eating a salad a day since returning home from the long weekend visiting family in canada. I felt so frumpy dumpy. The salads have made a big difference! I cook 3-4 times a week and then we have left overs. He likes to eat out once a week and my arm doesn’t need twisting…

  2. Definite introvert, here. Although I enjoy the company of others and going to parties and socializing with friends, I NEED quiet time alone to recharge. (My life got so much easier when I figured that out and started embracing my introvert-ness!) I’m always amazed at how my tastes for different foods/entire meals changes with the season. I’ve stopped depending on the grill and whatever veggies I happen to have on hand . . . and started planning hearty meals again. It’s a nice – and welcome – change. Happy Thursday!

  3. I really think the “alone time” is a Scorpio thing…I’ll meet ya @ Michelle’s next week! As with Kym: soups and other hearty meals are comforting to me in this season. And right now, I think I need a nap! Hope you get your sleep pattern restored soon!


  4. Hmmm, the extrovert/introvert question got me thinking. I don’t mind being around people, but holy cow do I need time alone! I think all things are good in moderation… company included! Ha!

  5. Another introvert here, a tendency that I just can’t fight. With fall comes meals in the crockpot, soups, and baking bread. Another change is that I’ve switched from beer to cider and boy, do I have some good ones! Cranberry, cherry, and cinnamon nutmeg cider are how I’m going to deal with November!

  6. The older I get the more introverted I become–although Honore might be on to something with her Scorpio idea (I’m a Scorp). I’m looking forward to the Gratitude challenge, too.

  7. An extroverted introvert ———–on the scale I fall very close to the middle. I love spending time with others, but enjoy spending time on my own. I gain energy from both factions.

    Steve and I really need to get back to planning meals and eating healthier choices. I’ve been skipping breakfast, having a very late lunch and an even later dinner. Not the best way to be healthy for sure.

  8. I find it very interesting that so many of us bloggers are introverts. I think perhaps blogging appeals to us because it’s a way of sharing our lives without having to actually BE with people. LOL. I’m signed up for gratitude week, too, and I know it’s going to be great.

  9. Another introvert here! And I will tell you, when I lose my “me time” (I love the way Honore puts it – MSQT), it’s not just me who suffers – everyone does (because of my attitude) – lol (though not really a laughing matter).

    It’s definitely that time of year when I am craving soups, stews, homemade bread – real comfort food.

    I like your idea of listing 5 things you are grateful for each day. I started a “gratitude journal” at the beginning of 2018…but it didn’t last long….

  10. I’m definitely an introvert and I need to make sure I have my alone times to re-charge and enjoy life. My meals change with the cooler weather and I’ve been eating more soups and comfort foods, like roast chicken.

  11. I’m an introvert who loves time with familiar friends. I spend hours a day alone and I relish that time, but I also look forward to my two weekly knitting meetups and dinners out with close friends. Soup, stews, hearty root vegetables and squashes. That’s what’s on our menu this November.

  12. I’m the same way. I love people and socializing but boy oh boy do I need my alone time. Our meals won’t change much (fussy Douglas) but I’ll make myself some soups for lunches and throw a casserole or two at him whether he likes it or not! 🙂

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