FO Friday | Jaycee.

Yes, Jaycee is officially an FO. I wore it to Katie’s last Thursday and she obliged with a few photos.It was completely unplanned that my outfit would go so nicely with her deck and the beautiful fall trees in the background. Isabell Kraemer released the pattern back in April and it went immediately on my to-make list (officially here). What drew me to the design was that gorgeous yoke and the twisted rib. It didn’t disappoint. Isabell included short rows before and after the lace detail so the yoke sits nicely on my shoulders. It’s also a nice change to have … Continue reading FO Friday | Jaycee.

Three on Thursday | For This Holiday Season.

My small group is reading Heidi Haverkamp’s Advent in Narnia this holiday season (along with a few chapters of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe* and maybe even watching a few scenes from one of the movies … I haven’t seen any of them so that part really intrigues me). Advent is short this year so we started the book this week in order to mostly finish it by our last meeting on December 21. All of which is to explain how I’m into Week One of an Advent devotion and looking at Chapter 4 of Lewis’ book. This … Continue reading Three on Thursday | For This Holiday Season.

Unraveled Wednesday.

Brrrr…. I hope everyone is staying warm today. It was colder in Atlanta this morning than in both Anchorage and Reykjavîk. All I want to do is snuggle in my favorite chair with Holly and knit. I’m making good progress on my Coatigan (pictured above), but it’s going to have to warm up a little for me to wear this as a coat! …and I guess it’s ok that’s the only unraveling I have to report 🙂 On the reading front, I finished two 4-star books this week: The Widows of Malabar Hill by Sujata Massey My rating: 4 of 5 stars … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday.

Mapping Out My Advent Wrap.

Two of the things I needed to do today didn’t take as long as I’d planned … so I had some “found” time this afternoon. I put it to use figuring out how to approach the ADVENTurer Wrap – using up my stash of Kidsilk Haze. Unlike Kat who has a most awesome collection of so many colors, mine is just five with a sixth on its way (UPS says Friday; I hope they’re right!) the new color is upper left. The whole palette was inspired by a waterlogued walk in the park last month. I’m sure a few of … Continue reading Mapping Out My Advent Wrap.

Thanksgiving Weekending.

Hello, friends – it’s nice to be back! (which is always the best feeling when we return from a short break, right? 🙂 ) Our weekend was a perfect mix of good food, little boys, outside, inside, friends & family … and alone time. Thursday morning dawned bright and chilly. #blueskyblooms for my morning walk. Loved this text from Katie. We spent the afternoon with the little boys and their parents. It was fun … and just a little crazy.The boys FaceTimed with Rob’s brother … Poppa and Charlie built a dinosaur … Sam supervised his dad carving the turkey … Continue reading Thanksgiving Weekending.

Birthday Weekending.

Birthdays come fast and furious around here this time of year. This past Saturday was my birthday … and we celebrated all weekend long! Thursday evening’s Thanksgiving Service was a wonderful beginning. Friday. the camellias were in full bloom – and the sun came out! But the best news came at the vet’s office. Holly was diagnosed with pneumonia the weekend before. Friday afternoon was her third set of X-rays and the first to show solid improvement and a good prognosis. It was really the best birthday present I could’ve asked for, but the gifts kept coming! Friday evening sunset. … Continue reading Birthday Weekending.

Sometimes Mondays.

mark an anniversary. Yep, that was us, 35 years ago … newly married and off to enjoy a lovely dinner party with a hundred or so family and friends. This was us a few weeks back (the most recent two of us photo I have!) So glad we no longer look scared to death 🙂 but we still have smiles on our faces. Tonight’s celebration is just the two of us (plus Holly), with a roasted pork loin and a few more episodes of The Great British Baking Show. I’m looking forward to that real meal … and many more … Continue reading Sometimes Mondays.

Cheers | Apple Cider Mule.

Two weekends ago, when Marc’s nephew (Ross) was here, I mixed up a batch of Fall Classics, substituting an intense apple spice syrup* for the thyme. I liked this version better and Ross asked for (and has since made) the recipe. Success! And then I had the happy problem of leftovers – apple spice syrup, lemons and apple cider. I started experimenting with all sorts of mixes and last weekend settled on my favorite. I gave it one last test with Karen and Lydia and they agreed it’s ready for prime time. … and perfect for a pre-Thanksgiving Cheers! Apple … Continue reading Cheers | Apple Cider Mule.

Three on Thursday | Unraveled.

Good morning! Yep, I’m back – sadly, Betty’s travel plans changed and she and Beth aren’t visiting us.  So today, I’m catching up with a quick mash-up of Wednesday and Thursday. First. It’s still raining. and it’s gotten colder. but at least it’s not snowing.We did get a little break from the rain yesterday afternoon. It’s hard to tell which Holly hates more – wet or cold. (and I wonder how much longer the grass will be green?!) Second. I’m making great progress on Jaycee.Just one more sleeve (and a whole bunch of ends to weave in) to finish it. … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Unraveled.