Three on Thursday | A Walk in the Park.

I took myself for a quick walk in the park this morning. and since it’s Thursday, I have three photos to share – and with a nod and a wink to Carole, I Waterlogue’d them 😉

The leaves aren’t putting on much of a color show, but they make a most delightful crunch underfoot.

No blue skies this morning, but a surprising amount of light still filters through the trees.

I am completely smitten with the colors in this last one. In real life the berries are purple, but rendered here in a deep red, combined with all the browns and pops of light and green, I’m re-thinking the palette for a planned winter wrap.

Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful tea recommendations. I have a hot mug of English Breakfast (slightly sweet and slightly milky) at my side right now, but I’m looking forward to trying something new. soon!

Happy Thursday!

14 thoughts on “Three on Thursday | A Walk in the Park.

  1. The photos are so cool done up like that.

    That must be Beautyberry in the last photo. I loved seeing that in the fall when we lived in Florida.

  2. I clink my cup of Assam with your EB tea. Your watercolor (Waterlogue) pictures make perfect autumn pallets. Can’t wait to see your wrap!

  3. Love the Waterlogue! Late;y I”ve been drinking Celestial Seasonings’ Peach tea (decaf ) and it’s good—-steep 5 -6 min. I drink mine w/o milk or sweetener. Available in your local grocery store, I’m sure!


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