Unraveled Wednesday.

It’s Wednesday … and that means I’m joining in with Kat and crew for a quick update on what I’m making and reading.This was the scene at my kitchen counter just before I pulled out my laptop to write this post. I wasn’t kidding about the crocheting and I’ll bet you’d also be surprised to know that the big ball of yarn is Red Heart. It’s called Bunches of Hugs and it seems perfect for a prayer shawl!

Then there’s the beginning of a sock with a ball of yarn I bought in Linz, Austria. This yarn is labeled DK I’m happy to report – it is DK 🙂

And in the back, Calyx, now with a neckband underway. The window for wearing a cotton sweater is closing quickly; I’m really hoping I can finish this in time!

On the book front, I’m listening to Lethal White (so far very good) and reading The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock. With all the making, a real book doesn’t get much of my attention unless it’s very good. I’m almost halfway through this one and it’s definitely worth setting aside the hook and needles (at least for half an hour every day)!

Today is an Opera Day. The program is Puccini’s La Fanciulla del West. This one is new to me and (I think) to my mom … I’m really curious to see how Goldrush era California translates to Italian! (edited: oops! today’s performance is actually Samson et Dalila … Italian Wild West is next week!)

Have a good one!



11 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday.

  1. I am working my way through the Strike books, but I enjoyed book one tremendously! And, that is a very good start for a crocheted prayer shawl! Go you!

  2. You must report on the Strike book as soon as you finish it! I’ve read all the others, but was a little concerned about this one after I read all the reviews (too long, no editing … ). That DK sock yarn looks interesting!

  3. I’ve seen La Fanciulla del West once (Utah Opera) and remember it as being very good (it was years ago). I thought The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock was such a kick! I loved the character of Angelica. I wish you speed on your prayer shawl project!

  4. I’m looking forward to hearing about your opera adventures – today’s and next week’s! Lots of fun stitchin’ projects – I never learned to crochet; not sure why. Your “real” book sounds interesting and fun!


  5. Have fun at the opera!! Loving all your projects Mary. Just placed the Mermaid book in my queue on Overdrive…a bit of a wait list for that one.

  6. love the blue stripes! I can crochet but prefer knitting and knitting makes my hands happier. Sadly crocheting bothers my RA.

  7. I used to crochet a lot — it’s very quick, and especially for afghans and blankets. I much prefer knitting, but I will forever be charmed by the granny square! 🙂 I loved the Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock! Just a delight. Enjoy. XO

  8. I always enjoy seeing your kitchen counter scenes! Those are some pretty blues in your prayer shawl! And I’ve added The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock to my gigantic reading list. : )

  9. Love the sock yarn color! I too am curious about the translation-the movies were called spaghetti westerns after all!

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