from yesterday morning’s walk

Hello friends and happy Friday!

Thinking about Advent. what to read – my small group is considering Advent in Narnia (and ooh, I’d love a good excuse to re-read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) and I think I’m going to read this one on my own. and maybe join in Ambah O’Brien’s Advent-along. I haven’t done a knit-every-day kind of project before but this one looks like fun. especially if I could find some friends to join me!

Grateful for all the community in my life – on social media and in real life. Chapter Six of Braving the Wilderness is titled “Hold Hands. With Strangers.” I think it should be Strangers and Friends.

Social media are great for developing community but for true belonging, real connection and real empathy require meeting real people in a real space in real time. (page 141)

This blog, Instagram and Ravelry are the only social media platforms I engage with. I don’t live close enough for face-to-face with all the connections I’ve made through those platforms, but they add a diversity and richness that expands my North-Atlanta-suburbia reality. Thank you!

Inspired by the fabulous fall weather to get back to sweater knitting. I pulled out Calyx on Wednesday (it’s been hibernating since early May) and spent a very fun couple of hours knitting and attaching the shoulder pieces. Now on to the neckband!

Fun … Sam turns two next week. His birthday party is tomorrow and Katie’s chosen a New York City theme. This afternoon, I get to bake little cheesecakes and black and white cookies. and I’m mixing up a pitcher of this very Fall in the Big Apple sangria.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. The blue skies this week were so incredible, weren’t they? Such a treat! Happy Birthday Sam! Have fun making cheese cakes and that sangria looks yummy!

    What yarn are you thinking about for the Advent KAL?

  2. When you post lake photos I usually admire the sky and water. In this one, I really like those feathery grasses. Very fall! And Happy Birthday to Sam! I’m looking forward to seeing some party pictures.

  3. I have ordered the Advent devotional from SheReads Truth. These study books have really helped me develop a daily scripture reading habit.

  4. It’s so hard for me to believe that little Sam is already turning 2!!!! It sounds like such a fun birthday party, and I’m hoping you’ll share some photos. 🙂 We enjoyed a few days of blue skies and sunshine . . . but today is back to cloudy and maybe-even-rain (again). Here’s to a lovely weekend, Mary. XO

  5. I’m with Bonny – those grasses, with their lovely pink tint got me! Mother Nature makes the most beautiful color palettes. Sam! TWO already! I’m eager to see the the NYC theme…save me a cheesecake, pls ;-)). Enjoy the party and your weekend.


    Your Advent plans sound great… hard to believe so close…

  6. It took me a while but I’m finally getting to all the blog postings I’ve missed. Am hoping the next few weeks will find me cycling, and finishing up my languishing WIPs. I want December to be all about the holidays and easy-peasy quick knits. Hopefully our storage unit will get emptied soon so I can finish part 2 of unpacking/sorting!

  7. beautiful photo!! I haven’t even started thinking of Advent readings!! It’s just around the corner isn’t it? Two years old?? wow! time flies.

  8. Woefully behind but catching up! (So behind that comments were closed on a few posts… OPERA. I hated it until I actually attended a live performance.)

    Advent-along sounds very intriguing…

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