Looking Back | August.

Apparently, August 2018 will go down in my history as the month of feet – they show up a whoppin’ eight times! and along with a good amount of knitting, sewing and reading, a few cocktails, multiple visits with the little boys and two milestone birthday celebrations, I also have a multitude of happy memories.

I realized there are also a couple of finished projects that never made their way here (it always amazes me how I can blog nearly every weekday and forget to share some things 🙂 ). Here you go!

First, this year’s Through the Loops Mystery Shawl (now officially named Vine Pops):This was a group project with my Monday afternoon knitting friends – and (same as last year) we had great fun with our FO photo! That’s me in the center, wearing my first Uniform Tunic

This is the piece for which I blogged about adjusting the bust dart placement. I’m pleased with my modification, but overall, I felt like the fit was a little snug through the arms/back (for reference, I made the size 4 – the same size I’ve made in the Willow Top/Dresses). I’ve since sewn a size 6 – with sleeves and a slightly less drastic dart adjustment. It fits much better. I have fabric on order for another one and I’m planning to sew a straight size 6 this time. …more to come.

If you notice a similarity between the fabric in this tunic and the Esmé dress (hanging on August 7 and worn on the 12th) you’d be right! Several years ago, I purchased over four yards to back a quilt. The quilt never happened, and I’m happy to have repurposed the fabric.

…and that’s another month in the books!

On a somber note, it’s hard to believe 17 years have passed since September 11, 2001; the world is certainly a much different place now. Remembering all those who lost their lives, lifting up the many more who lost family and friends, and feeling especially grateful I’m here today.

9 thoughts on “Looking Back | August.

  1. Looks like August was another wonderful month for you Mary. Your shawl is gorgeous (red wine color!!), and what a fun group shot. That top is just so darn cute. I’ll be waiting to see a glimpse of the new fabric you’ve ordered!! Stay safe with the weather – Florence looks extremely nasty!

  2. Feet (or more specifically your right foot) were a big deal in August, so it only makes sense that they’d show up often during the month. I also love your knitting group photo. That is a lovely shawl, especially when we’re treated to five of them!

  3. Your were working on healing your foot, so no wonder you had a lot of feet photos! You & your knitting friends made such beautiful shawls! I am so slow that I am still working on mine, but I only have half of the bind off to go!

  4. You have a great knitting group and I love that you’ll take the leap to knit TTLs Mystery every year. The month of feet and tunics is in the books. It was a great one for you despite the injury.

  5. August was a great month, Mary . . . and it’s no wonder you have so many FEET photos! After most of the summer in a boot, you needed to kick your heels up a bit! 🙂
    (I think the fit on that Uniform tunic is just . . . a bit wonky and not quite consistent with their other patterns.) (Just sayin.) XO

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